Mosques ban Muslim women from wearing trousers, leaving the house without their husband’s permission and order them to close Facebook accounts

Muslim women should not wear trousers, leave the house without their husband’s permission or use Facebook, according to controversial rules published by British mosques.

The Green Lane Masjid in Birmingham said that women were not allowed to wear trousers, even in front of their husbands, while the Central Masjid of Blackburn called Facebook a ‘sin’ and an ‘evil’.

One Islamic organisation also stated that Muslim women must not leave the house without their husband’s permission.

The controversial ruling was published this week by the Blackburn Muslim Association, an affiliate member of the MCB, telling women that they should not travel more than 48 miles without a male chaperone. A document written by a mufti at the Croydon Mosque and Islamic Centre, entitled ‘Advice for the husband and wife’, also stated: ‘A woman should seek her husband’s permission when leaving the house and should not do so without his knowledge.’

In another article, the mosque calls abortion ‘a great sin’ and describes acting and modelling as ‘immoral acts’. [618 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 2060 votes] Ladies, the sky is not going to fall in if you wear trousers, log on to Facebook or go out without telling your husband. You now live in the West where you have equality and freedom. Don’t let these men control you any more. You do not belong to them, they cannot tell you what to do.

[2ND 1660] This is against British Law! If they want to live by Sharia law, then they should be forced out of this country to live in a muslim country of choice!

[3RD 1279] Since when did the government let outside parties set new laws?

[4TH 1158] Any such ideas should be nipped in the bud! British law always above any other crazy secular or religious ideas of this type. In Europe men and women are equal, if you don’t like it, simply leave!

[5TH 1050] Absolutely sick of this. Enough is enough. [Daily Mail] Read more

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