This Arab youth survey highlights the dangers of desperation

…. Even Tunisia, considered the most successful example, and awarded the 2015 Nobel peace prize for its civil society’s efforts to avoid civil war through implementing dialogue between rival political parties, is challenged by terror and the exapansionism of Isis. It is claimed that the country is the biggest exporter of jihadis to Syria and Iraq. The rapid spread of the terrorist group suggests that the vast majority of young Arabs are poised and ready to join Isis.

But the Arab Youth Survey refutes that claim. Conducted to explore attitudes among Arab youth in 16 countries in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region, the survey found that an overwhelming majority of young Arabs reject Isis and believe that the group will fail in its aim of establishing an Islamic state.

Rather, the group surveyed believes that the biggest obstacles facing the region are unemployment, lack of democracy, rising living costs and civil unrest. Only 13% of the 3,500 interviewed agreed with the statement: “If Isis did not use so much violence, I could see myself supporting it”; 78% rejected it while 9% were unsure about their position. And the majority of those interviewed perceive the lack of jobs and unemployment as the top reason for joining Isis. [707 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 208 votes] A “world dominated by exploitation”? Really Guardian? Is that really the cause of Islamic terrorism, and the economic and social malaise affecting the Muslim world? What about stifling religion, bad leadership, lack of democracy, lack of transparency, lack of protection for fundamental rights, lack of respect for religious minorities, lack of respect for women, and a tendency to blame problems on others? Those are the real problems, not some unnamed rapacious capitalists.

[2ND 162] A part of this seemingly perpetual state of economic decline and stagnation in Arab countries might have something to do with the fact that companies and people don’t want to do business there. Who in their right mind would want to take their family to a region where wives and daughters are seen as second class citizens and people are executed for saying they don’t believe in God? Arabs should look at themselves first and foremost and put their own house in order.

[3RD 148] I’m all for fighting poverty, but it’s not the main reason for islamism.

[4TH 137] So, one in every 10 young Muslims DOES support Isis.

And who do the other 9 support ? el-nusra?

India is very poor and has plenty of corruption, yet they don’t blow up air ports.

Vietnam is poor as dirt, and when it comes to foreign intervention, they had more then their fair share, yet they too don’t seem to be running around the globe shooting up places.

Desperation is not causing their situation, it is the result of it. [Guardian Cif] Read more

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