After Asad Shah’s ‘religiously prejudiced’ death, we know inter-Muslim hatred is a problem in Britain

…. It’s shocking, but not entirely surprising, that the persecution Ahmadis face in Pakistan has travelled over here. Several British Ahmadis I spoke to say they have known of someone who had been threatened or attacked for being an Ahmadi here in Britain. One anti-Ahmadi group with offices in London organises conferences that spread hate-speech against them; a popular Facebook group sent out a message of “congratulations” on news of Shah’s death.

The persecution of British Ahmadis by other Muslims has become worryingly normalised, yet has remained largely unspoken. In recent weeks, several British imams in Glasgow and Bradford openly praised Mumtaz Qadri, who murdered a Pakistani governor for campaigning against the country’s vicious blasphemy laws (used primarily to persecute and even kill religious minorities including Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and Ahmadis in Pakistan). [153 comments]

[A TOP RATED COMMENT] Ahmadiyya muslims are well-known for love, peace, and charity for non-muslims for the last 100 years. They’ve raised tonnes of money for Great Ormond Street, Cancer Research and other UK charities, and they do the same in all the other countries of the world too.

One of the reasons they get killed is because their founder in the 19th century said that you can’t kill people in the name of Islam. We should support the ahmadiyya by at least protecting them from being murdered, and we should stop supporting the wahabbi saudi terrorists with weapons, otherwise this world isn’t going to be a pretty place! It’s time the West realised it’s helping to create Frankenstein’s monster!

[ANOTHER] Been looking up this Ahmadi Islam. Apparently, the problem other Muslims have with Ahmadis is that they only resort to violence when under extreme attack themselves – they refuse to use it to extend Islam. Says it all, really.

[ANOTHER] Saudi Arabia has destroyed Islam.

[ANOTHER] “In 2010, The Independent reported hard line Muslims in west London calling for Ahmadis to be killed.” – and I’ll bet absolutely NOTHING was done about it by police. Too risky – too much chance of the police being called Islamophobic.

However, when some idiot stops a Muslim woman in the street asking her to “explain Brussels” (and tweets about it) he’s ARRESTED and charged with INCITING RACIAL HATRED by SCOTLAND YARD. This would be laugh-out-loud funny if you could ignore the fact that this is how precious police resources are being focused.

And you wonder why people throughout Europe feel police and the government are unable to protect them and their families from terrorism.

No, not Broken Britain – spineless, stupid Britain. [The Independent] Read more

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