PC brigade ‘failing victims of sex abuse’: Minorities tsar slams liberals over Muslim criminals

David Cameron’s integration tsar has blasted ‘hand-wringing’ liberals for failing to tackle forced marriage and other abuses in Muslim communities.

Louise Casey said some officials were ‘so wrapped up in political correctness’ they ignored shameful scandals which led to vulnerable women and children being harmed.

Miss Casey, who chaired the Government’s troubled families unit and led an investigation into social services in Rotherham – where Asian sex gangs had abused as many as 1,600 children – is carrying out a review of how to boost integration in the most isolated communities.

Commissioned by the Prime Minister, this is looking at how to help migrants learn English, as well as other ways of boosting women’s job prospects.

But Miss Casey claimed one issue was that the liberal elite had turned a blind eye to problems within some Muslim groups.

Speaking to the Policy Exchange think-tank in London last night, she said: ‘We let forced marriage happen because we were so wrapped up in political correctness and wanting our multicultural Britain. We forgot to talk about equality and we forgot to talk about equal rights.

[TOP RATED COMMENT 1605 votes] The problem we have is that since 1997 we have had nothing but “hand-wringing” liberals running the country!

[2ND 1395] The liberal elite are clueless, and that includes Mr Cameron who is one of those “hand-wringing” liberals himself who has promoted PC non stop since he came into power. I don’t like hypocrites.

[3RD 1246] At last someone in authority is pointing this out, even if it is a little late. Not like her boss isn’t one of those ‘hand-wringing liberals’ himself though. We need a proper Conservative government to sort this country out and put British people first. [Mail on Sunday] Read more

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