Let’s be honest about these immigrant attacks

…. The West’s deep reluctance to acknowledge such problems in Muslim society is nothing new. What continues to astonish is the silence from feminists about the oppression of women by Muslim men.

When this newspaper revealed the scandal of child sex-trafficking gangs in the north of England among men of Pakistani Muslim heritage — which had been ignored partly because of the authorities’ terror of being called racist — this cultural factor was widely censored or downplayed.

Such silence has arisen partly through fear of provoking the sizeable Muslim population in Britain and Europe. Partly it’s through the belief that minorities are powerless victims and so can’t be blamed for any misdeeds. Partly it’s because the whole issue was toxified by the fact that the only people who did draw attention to it were true bigots like the BNP or European neo-Nazis.

But censoring it has resulted in the creation of real victims, from Rotherham to the Ruhr. [Melanie Phillips, 331 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 223 votes] Dear Melanie,you need to go on the attack of the P C brigade that have muffled all reasonable debate on this subject. There is a huge grounds swell of opinion in this country in agreement with you and your clear and honest reporting of these crucial matters.

[2ND 205] It’s not very hard to be an Islamophobe these days. You just have to be against FGM, honour killing, gang rape or making women waddle around in black sacks.

A few years ago it was much harder. You had to express the view that Islam was a really, really bad idea.

[3RD 170] More people are realising that the idea that being opposed to mass migration means being a bigot is completely wrong. Europe’s difficulties have only just begun. Over the next fifty years, the proportion of the population who have a completely different set of beliefs and standards will increase dramatically, and mainly comprise angry, sexually frustrated and radicalised young people. Europeans, on the other hand, will be soft, and old, and completely unprepared. [The Times (£)] Read more

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