‘Jihadis must get the hell out of Britain’: Shaker Aamer says what many UK Muslims dare not in his first interview since release

The Briton held at Guantanamo Bay for 14 years said last night that Muslims who support terror attacks have no right to live in this country – and demanded would-be jihadis ‘get the hell out’.

Shaker Aamer has spent five days talking to The Mail on Sunday in a series of world exclusive interviews – his first since his release.

Courageously, he made his angriest comments about Muslims who plot terror in Britain, even though he was tortured, beaten and held for 5,007 days at Guantanamo under suspicion of terrorist activities without ever being charged. He has been cleared by the US twice.

He also expressed revulsion at the murder of hostages by Islamic State, saying the extremist group’s treatment of prisoners had abused basic principles of Islamic law.

…. Aamer also voiced fears about the rift between Muslims and non-Muslims, as shown by last week’s calls by US presidential candidate Donald Trump to ban Muslims from entering the US.

‘It worries me,’ he said, explaining it is what extremists want. ‘It helps their cause… if you keep looking at people like they are terrorists before they do anything, then you will push them towards violence.’ [458 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 4141 votes] Please continue to be a strong voice for pro British Muslims! Sorry for your lost years. Peace and love to your family x

[2ND 3316] He’s right. Anyone who supports the problem is part of the problem.

[3RD 3151] Many Muslims ARE against the what’s going at the moment and DO openly oppose it. It’s just media outlets like DM fail to highlight this. Anyways, what an absolutely lovely smiling, friendly face. Thank goodness this poor man’s ordeal has finally had a ‘happy ending’ and he is reunited with his loved ones. Welcome home. [Daily Mail] Read more

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