Lombardy in Italy bans burqas and Islamic veils following European terror attacks

A northern region of Italy has amended legislation and approved a ban on wearing burqas and Islamic veils in hospitals and local government buildings, following terror attacks in Europe.

The new regulation in Lombardy, which comes into force on the first day of the New Year, marks the first time an Italian region has explicitly outlawed Islamic face coverings. Existing law in the country, dating from the 1970s, already forbids clothing that makes identification difficult in public places.

[A TOP RATED COMMENT] The whole body and face cover brings nothing but division.

I live in the north of England and in many towns now it is completely bi-cultural. The possibility of any integration into our English way of life is 0 if someone is completely covered. If the Burka is not banned in open society this division will only grow and grow.

[ANOTHER] Italians do the most right thing in the interest national security. Same must be applied across Europe. Total abolishing of niqab must form part of “refugee” (are they really?) mandatory “integration” (will they ever?) policy.

For 100 thousand years, as long as we human(oids) have evolved, the ability to recognize and identify facial features, to observe facial expressions when interacting, was of paramount importance. Any interviewer (i.e. job interviewer, department manager, passport control, immigration, medic, police officer, teacher, security guard, etc etc etc) will affirm, that words carry just 5% of value.

The rest is read from face, body language, hands’ appearance etc. One cannot read those from persons whose body and face is covered in a uniform , black garb (including black gloves).

This sinister garb has nothing to do with religion. It is garb of oppression, and garb of criminality.

[ANOTHER] It is getting worse…

Ten years ago very few were seen where I live. Now I would say 10% wear them, especially younger girls who are at college.

Islam needs to be dragged kicking and screaming into the modern world and this is one of the few options we have to start that process.

[ANOTHER] All western countries should ban it. Despite the argument that women ‘choose’ to do this the mjority do not. Where it is not forced on them by law they do it because of cultural, family or religious pressure, or to make a statement that they are ‘different’. You can only say you choose to do it if you can stop doing it with no consequences.

I would go further in the UK, I would ban all forms of religious dress for children. No headscarves, no long skirts, no school uniforms that mandate that form of dress. And no segregation or being excused from gym and swimming. School dress should allow ‘modest’ options in any case, allowing a knee length skirt or trousers, a gym skirt or track suit bottoms, a full swim suit. That is enough.

Women who must dress like this, and men who insist they do are simply not going to integrate into western society and we need to demand that they integrate to ensure the future identity of Europe. Or do we wish to become muslim countries? [The Independent] Read more

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