Muslim school’s female governor forced out of sight

A female governor at a Muslim school was forced to sit in a separate room during meetings and had to talk through an open doorway, Ofsted revealed yesterday.

Another school’s library contained literature with extremist and sexist views, including a book that said that women made unreliable witnesses, the regulator said.

It castigated a number of independent faith schools — some Christian — for failing to promote British values or to teach a broad curriculum.

All had previously been inspected by the Bridge Schools Inspectorate (BSI), an agency abolished two months ago, which had been responsible for monitoring some independent Christian and Muslim schools. It was accused of failing to identify “warning signs of extremism and radicalisation in school settings”. [127 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 86 votes] “At a meeting with inspectors, the only female governor sat “out of sight of the male governors in an adjacent room [and] could only contribute through a doorway”. The governors said that this was their usual arrangement.”

What on earth is this? How is this happening in the UK? If this is the attitude amongst the Governors how segregated the kids must feel in the classroom?

[2ND 74] “The Cornerstone School, a Christian school in Surrey, did not teach pupils about different cultures and perspectives, the inspectors said.”

How PC can it get. At least the Christian school was not teaching their pupils to disrespect other religions or treat women like chattels. So what if the students at this Christian school are not taught about other religions. It seems that this school has been picked purely to appease the Muslim cry babies.

[3RD 50] Tolerance has become a one way street. Some religions are more equal than others and it is a fact which sooner or later has to be recognised by all of us without charges of discrimination being bandied about.

[4TH 47] This “school” should be taken over and run as a secular, community school – today. It has forfeited any right to continue to be a faith school.

Whatever else “British values” may be about, they are about treating women with dignity and respect, as equals. If they can’t do that for their own governors, what are they teaching the children? [The Times (£)] Read more

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