Why it’s wrong to demand that Muslims condemn Isis

There is an insistent call for Muslims to condemn Isis. (I’ll come back to that groupist description in a moment).

The Sun’s leading article a week ago (17 November) began: “Here is a simple way for Muslims to denounce the monsters of IS: march through London in massive numbers with placards saying ‘not in our name.’”

It argued that Muslims had “done too little in public to express solidarity with the victims in Paris and the civilised, tolerant democracies in which they live and which IS want to destroy.”

A day later, the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) took out an advert in the national press, backed by 300 affiliate organisations, which “unreservedly” condemned the Paris attacks. [1358 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 186 votes] Remarkably daft. The Guardian sometimes gives space to some utterly stupid ideas.

Absolutely EVERYBODY should condemn ISIS. Why on earth leave Muslims out if it!

[2ND 161] Not too long ago I read an article on this site in which a number of British Muslims were interviewed. One, Jack Khan, said something which stuck in my mind.

‘Until the west apologises for making a mess of the Middle East, don’t expect Muslims to apologise for jihadists’.

I found that worrying.

[3RD 108] Typical lefty apologia. All members of our community will want to condemn the Paris attacks, muslims are not exempt form this given that they are part of our community. In addition the attackers claim their muslim faith as the source of legitimacy for their attacks. These folk can and do hide in muslim predominant communities across Europe. Therefore, this faith group has a particular responsibility to speak out.

[4TH 99] The Guardian has no problem printing articles that insist that white people condemn white people, and people in the West condemning the West.

Usually under the disguise of “call out” but the message that those who don’t join in the call outs are on the wrong side is quite clear.

[5TH 81] You can’t force Muslims to condemn ISIL, but it would help to see Muslims explain why the violence in the Koran used by these extremists to justify their actions is wrong, and that these violent verses are simply a reflection of the 7th century and have no relevance today.

But then Muslims cannot reinterpret the Koran as many believe it is the pure word of God…. and therein lies the problem…. [The Guardian] Read more

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