Muslim scholar who posted YouTube speech condemning Paris atrocities reveals he has received death threats from British-born children who support ISIS

The Muslim scholar who made an impassioned speech condemning the Paris attacks on YouTube has received death threats from ISIS’ online supporters.

In the three minute video, which has been seen by tens of thousands of people, Mufassil Islam, 49, said: ‘If you don’t like this country, why the f*** did you come?’

He has now told MailOnline that he is being threatened by British youngsters.

Mr Islam said: ‘I am getting death threats from British kids… British Bangladeshi kids, or Asian kids, they are born and bred here. They support ISIS.’

The lawyer turned academic, who has lived in Britain on and off for more than 22 years, spoke out after the terrorist attacks in Paris left 130 people dead, and says he will continue to do so despite threats on his life.

The father of two from Belfast, who is a devout Muslim, was praised after speaking out against extremism and the radicalisation he believes is creeping into mosques and communities across Britain.

He told MailOnline that unless something is done soon, it may be too late to save young Muslims from the path to extremism. [645 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 8498 votes] It was inevitable he would be targeted after speaking out, the fact they are British born is no surprise either. Suggest buying them air tickets so that they can leave.

[2ND 6149] Well said Mufassil, I applaud you.

[3RD 5544] I’m with you sir. This evil has no religion and no heart.

[4TH 5283] I think we all saw that coming!

[5TH 4388] Death threats, that is all they are good for. I found your broadcast absolutely brilliant and you have spoken for millions in this country by saying the words we all would like to have said, your a breath of fresh air. [Daily Mail] Read more

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