We Muslims can’t wait for the next bomb before we speak out

…. There is no point in talking of human rights when it’s just your own human rights which concern you; there is no depth in talking of piety when your only concern is wearing the hijab; there is no traction in saying Islam is a religion of peace when the evidence for it is shrinking daily.

This dilemma cannot be resolved by politicians and policies; they have tried and failed. If anything the fact that we hear multiple terrorist plots have been foiled is not a sign of success but rather shows that the problem of violence is growing. Many will turn to their imams for guidance and many will cry out: “This is not my problem.” But it is. And to deny that is to be dishonest both to your country and to your faith. We cannot wait for the next bomb before we speak out. [628 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 70 votes] I’m fed up with having to be PC about Muslims. their inability to integrate. I hate the way they wear hijabs or completely cover up showing just their eyes. I hate the way their women are treated. I hate the fact they do not take part and look inwards not outwards! I’m offended by Muslims and Islam! There I said it!

[2ND 43] I’m sick and tired of moderate Moslems. At least with the jihadists you know where they stand. The moderates however wriggle all over show, never telling us which bits of Islam they deplore. Thus they shake their head and tut tut this or that attack, but they never say how they’re different? Gays, bikinis, Jews, Israel, Mohammad, etc etc, how do they stand when it comes to such? I don’t trust them. [The Telegraph] Read more

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