Paris attacks and the civil war between Islam’s medievalists and modernisers

The latest terrorist attacks in Paris serve as a grim reminder that the threat of global terrorism is unlikely to end until the resolution of the civil war of ideas between Muslim modernisers and those adhering to an outmoded theology of Islamic dominance.

Just as the post-9/11 war against al-Qaeda degraded Osama bin Laden’s group but gave rise to the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isil), extremist Islamist ideology will likely give birth to “Terrorism 3.0” once the world has fought, contained and eliminated Isil. Security will return only after the widespread embrace of pluralism by Muslims and the defeat and marginalisation of the idea that Muslims cannot move in an orbit set by another.

The Muslim world, ascendant for several centuries, has found it difficult to deal with its decline as a global power during modern times. Inspired by the notion that Muslims were chosen by God to lead the world, medieval Muslim law made freedom of religion conditional to Muslim rule. [Husain Haqqani, former Ambassador of Pakistan to the United States, 2148 comments]

[REMAINING TOP RATED COMMENT* 37 votes] I make no apology for repeating this over and over again…..

Every Muslim will put their religion before anything and anyone else. There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim, there are only those who follow the Quran by the letter and those who will be forced to eventually.

*The top rated commments were removed by The Telegraph

[ANOTHER 36] Husain Haqqani, you know, I know, we all know when its “Inshallah” (gods will or couldn’t have happened) you really are up against it.

The Koran teaches & preaches if it’s “Inshallah” let no man oppose it. If they do then they are the “infidel Kafir!”. The restoration of ancient “caliphate is a duty of every muslim” etc ……

Medievalist (love that description) or modernist “neither side is EVER going to deny or oppose “Inshallah” or the word of the Koran …. & that’s where the problem really lies.

Very quietly all Islamics are in silent celebration of “Inshallah” over the Paris attacks …. otherwise there would be a mile long queue of Imams lining up to condemn the attacks …. but that would mean condemning their Koran & Allah’s will … & they will never do that.

[ANOTHER 22] What chance do we have, when we are led by muliciturists, and apologists for Islam

Boris last night spoke of our ” wonderful ‘ Muslim community

Theresa May this morning spoke of our peaceful Muslims, all of whom are horrified by these atrocities

Virtually all atrocities, all bombings, are caused by Muslims

Muslims will never change

Why should we have to change our lives, to please Muslims

[ANOTHER 22] I couldn’t care less about the battles within Islam, whether it be modern v medieval or Sunnis v Shia; I just don’t want them infecting the West with their childish beliefs and primitive culture.

As far as the Middle East is concerned, just leave them to it. Shut the door on them and let them kill each other to their hearts content. Stop all immigration of Muslim countries and begin with implementing policies encouraging voluntary repatriation.

[ANOTHER 16] I see the author is from Pakistan, where in 2011 Governor Salmann Taseer was shot 27 times by his own Muslim bodyguard for daring to suggest that a Christian woman should not be executed for blasphemy. The reaction? Large demonstrations in support of the murderer, in whose honour a mosque was built. There is no hope for Islam. It cannot reform.

[ANOTHER 16] Mr Haqqani, your attempt to legitimise the discussion in terms of struggle within the Muslim faith does you and your religion no favours. There is no such thing as modern Islam, it is entirely incompatible with Western culture and civilisation. You cannot re-write the Quoran and that damned book must be adhered to come what may.

While you have communities or ghettoes throughout Europe not just unintegrated but now seemingly bent on the destruction of western society you will always have conflict.

What the West needs now is a strength not possessed by any of its current leaders and therefore its only hope, by definition, is significant regime changes. Sadly this will open the door for the extreme right to exploit and the very real potential for civil war.

We have tried integration and it failed, we have tried appeasement and that failed too, the only course left to us is to fight this medieval death cult and remove it from our society where it has no place.

[ANOTHER 16] There is no civil war beteen medievalists and modernists in the Islamic community. Only between medievalist sunnis and medivalist shia, both of whom can agree that the rest fo the world should be forced to accept Islam. The only disagreement is over which version.

[ANOTHER 15] …. Terrorism is not an aberration within Islam. Terrorism is the underlying current of Islam that, when it comes to fruition, requires people to convert or die. Just look at ANY Islamic nation.

None of them would allow a mass migration of Christians into their nation, none of them allow foreigners to come and build Christian churches, and in every single one of them, the penalty of simply choosing a religion other than Islam is death. And by allowing this mass migration, we are inviting and ushering in our own destruction and downfall. [The Telegraph] Read more

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