Parisians had got used to the ‘new normal’, but this is an attack on a terrifying scale

…. Many people will ask questions about failures in intelligence gathering and sharing, about prevention of such acts and they will be right. However, when the danger is so diffuse, no democracy that values freedom of speech and movement is completely safe.

For 35 years now, French governments, one after the other, have weakened the foundation of the République by allowing the rise of communitarianism. The extreme right is increasing its electoral hold, and so is antisemitism among young French Muslims.

I am not optimistic. At best, it will probably take a generation, perhaps two, to weave back together the fabric of society that has been shred to pieces on Friday night. What France needs is lucidity and courage. At worst? I don’t want to think about it. [7155 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 571 votes] Maybe the Guardian wasnt aware of the depth of the threat but the majority of Europe was.

Time for Europe to remember its core values. Time to take a stand for secularism. No more symbolic gestures or sharing of hashtags. Actual measures to get these bastards. And to root out the sympathisers in their communities. Europe needs to think strategically about what sort of society it wants in 50 years. The way it is going these fucking bastards will win.

And no more apologist articles Guardian. No more “fears of a backlash” bullshit. Remember the value set upon which this newspaper was founded. The communities who spawned these motherfuckers are the enemy of those values.

[2ND 473] Vive la France! The world stands with you.

[3RD 463] “the nature of a terror we have come to live with: radical Islam”

…yes. And of course, any criticism of this religion is dismissed as Islamaphobic.

The developed world is almost at that point…let’s not be dragged back to feudal times because of idiotic beliefs…and let’s stop being tolerant of idiotic beliefs…why should we respect and indulge them ? If you want to follow them, fine, but if they are the most important thing in your life, go and live in a theocracy – there are many of them; don’t try and turn a developed country into one, please.

[5TH 460] 183 This is awful. My feelings are towards France.

I sincerely hope millions of muslims take to the streets of Europe in agreement with your post.

But I won’t hold my breath.

[6TH 389]

If this doesnt make masses of muslims marching in the street with not in our name signs then I dont know what will.

[108] Religious belief doesn’t work that way and to march concedes an association.

Average Muslims see no connection to these fanatics.

[259] Not quite, normally when asked the response “well yes it’s bad but …”

[7TH 371] Unlikely, Muslims have their own silent majority, their silence is their way of agreeing with these actions.

Wonder if any of these can be tracked back through these porous European borders and to Mutti Merkel stupid actions. Schengen surely is dead now.

[8TH 357] “Such hatred toward innocent people is impossible to understand.”

Not if you read the scriptures inspiring this.

[9TH 323] Its the failure of the multiculturalism experiment.

[10TH 307] The simple problem is that “normal” islam supports “radical” islam.

There are few who break faith with those amongst them who plan these attacks. Few who value their country and the lives of their fellow man over the violent jihadis in their midst.

While this curtain of secrecy, of protection of the evildoers exists, all muslims are suspect.

Terrorism is the art of fear, using the ability to hide amongst the innocent, to be a warrior against the defenceless, and a wolf in sheep’s clothing when faced with any threat.

It cannot be defeated without also targetting those who give it camouflage, aid and assistance.

It relies on us not having the guts to make the hard decisions to peel back that aid.

Can we, through our western ways, fight it on the scale which it needs be fought? [The Guardian] Read more

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