Kids in ‘no choice’ row over halal meat at Bilborough school

Parents say they are “furious” after claiming a school has given their children no choice over whether they eat halal meat or not.

A letter sent out by Portland Primary Academy in Bilborough advised parents of a change of school meals, which included a note that all meat was halal.

The school says only chicken meat will be halal – the term for a method of slaughtering animals in line with Islamic law.

But parents said the children should be allowed a choice over whether to eat they want to eat this type of meat or not and objected to the method.

Jenni Tyas, of Bilborough, sends two of her four children, aged eight and 11, to the school. “It’s disgusting,” she said.

“There should be a choice and we should have been consulted over it in the first place. [21 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 90 votes] The halal process is barbaric and has no place in England at all. Any religion that requires halal is nothing less than barbaric. Parent need to petition the school against this practise.

[2ND 68] Just imagine the fuss if the situation was reversed

[3RD 54] Ah – the joys of diversity! [Nottingham Post] Read more

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