I’ve had death threats, says Citizen Khan star: Actor reveals he has been bombarded with abuse from those who think it makes fun of Islam and stereotypes Asians

The creator of BBC sitcom Citizen Khan has revealed that he has received death threats and been bombarded by abuse from those who think it makes fun of Islam and stereotypes Asians.

Adil Ray, 41, also plays the lead character of self-appointed ‘community leader’ Mr Khan in the popular comedy charting the life of a Muslim family from Birmingham.

As the show returns for its fourth series, Ray – himself a Muslim born in Birmingham to a Pakistani father – wrote in the Radio Times that when it started he thought any negative comments would be outweighed by pride that a Muslim Pakistani family was at the forefront of a BBC sitcom.

But he added: ‘I was wrong. That first series resulted in more than 700 complaints; we were accused of making fun of Islam and stereotyping Asians. [585 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 3773 votes] Oh, good grief people get a life. This is a good funny sitcom. I loved Father Ted, and was not upset by it even though I am a Roman Catholic.

[2ND 2433] I really enjoy watching Citizen Khan, it’s comedy show that is actually funny.

[3RD 2246] Obviously, those who are complaining haven’t got a sense of humour. [Daily Mail] Read more

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