Greer ban at university ‘is to seem fair to Muslims’: Vince Cable warns feminists and right-wingers will be censored to prove institutions are not ‘anti-Islamic’

Universities will ban feminists, Right-wing politicians and other controversial speakers to appear fair on Muslims, Vince Cable has warned.

The ex-business secretary said the Prevent strategy would make institutions feel compelled to censor all ‘extreme’ views to prove that they are not ‘anti-Islamic’.

Under the Government’s counter-terror drive, universities have a duty to monitor students for signs of ‘non-violent extremism’ and block hate preachers.

But yesterday Sir Vince said institutions would feel obliged to ‘demonstrate impartiality’ and ban ‘non-Muslim speakers whose reputation is also controversial for different reasons’.

He said some speakers were already being given hostile receptions on campuses, including Ukip leader Nigel Farage who cancelled an appearance at Cambridge after protests. [224 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 713 votes] Yet more appeasing for the people who make next to no effort to integrate into OUR society!

[2ND 533] I think Cable has missed the wider threat of censorship at universities. It’s true that they are overly sensitive to anything that might be critical of Islam (although not so sensitive in the other direction) but the banning of Greer and other speakers reflects a general intolerance of anyone who does not follow an extreme ‘politically correct’ line. This is not only outrageous but also sad in that students are being denied the chance to hear more than one point of view on any issue.

[3RD 415] It is wholly unacceptable, in this secular country, that a person should be banned from speaking at one of our Universities because of their gender, or to appease a sectarian group. If any group of people seeks to suppress or marginalise the rights and freedoms of either gender, then they are committing an illegal act, and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent that law allows.

There is quite obviously an insideous movement in this country to undermine women’s freedoms in order to cowtow to followers of a certain religion. The fact this movement goes unchallenged and has such a toe-hold in British Universities is an absolute disgrace. [Daily Mail] Read more

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