Tommy Robinson tells German anti-Islam protesters refugees are ‘invading Europe’ as Pegida marks anniversary

Tens of thousands of anti-immigration protesters have gathered at a rally in Germany to mark the one-year anniversary of a group dubbed “Nazis in pinstripes”.

Tommy Robinson, the founder of far-right group the English Defence League (EDL), addressed the crowds in Dresden.

He was there to support the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (Pegida) – a movement that he called the “salvation of Europe”.

Claiming Europe was at a “crossroads” and likening the refugee crisis to the Crusades, Mr Robinson continued: “Angela Merkel seems to be handing out the birth right of German citizens like she is handing out candy to children…this current immigration is an invasion.

“Our borders are being overrun. There is little or no control. A country that cannot control its borders will soon not be a country.

[TOP RATED COMMENT] Please explain why anti-immigration supporters are labelled ‘far-right’ while those who support mass, uncontrolled immigration are not labelled ‘far-left’?

The vast majority are neither ‘far left’ nor ‘far right’ – they are ordinary citizens who may feel sorry for genuine refugees but, given the vast numbers involved, fear the disappearance of their own culture. Polls show they do not support more immigration. I repeat, they do NOT support more immigration.

Do you not know that, increasingly, they are refusing to be demonised and the usual tired old names no longer hurt them?

The terms Nazi, racist and xenophobic are losing their value.

These words are no longer working as a means of closing down debate and making folk feel ashamed. People are speaking out – just see the comments here – or do you not bother to listen to what your readers think? Obviously not.

As is usual, the MSM are way behind public opinion and report the news to suit their own agenda.

That’s OK – but do not make the mistake of thinking that we do not know what you are doing.

We know full well… and it only makes us more determined.

[2ND] And this is happening despite the most outrageous propaganda campaign in favour of the invasion, typified by Indie, Guardian, BBC and its European-wide equivalents. This invasion is being facilitated by arch-Islamist Erdogan, but instead of throwing Turkey out of NATO and designating it a rogue state, mad Mutti Merkel is trying to do a deal, which would make matters even worse.

[3RD] PEGIDA is the acronym for ‘Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung Abendlandes’; which translated means, ‘Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West’.

So, this is not just a marginal pressure group, it’s an organisation that represents a view currently spreading throughout Europe. And patriots cannot be simply dismissed as right wing.

Therefore, anyone who supports keeping Europe free of Islam is a member of PEGIDA.

[4TH] How long before they remove the comments section from this article because the majority do not agree with The Indy’s political stance?. When is there a rally in G.B?. I will be attending Apathy does nobody any favors

[5TH] I really don’t understand why western governments are welcoming immigrants of vastly alien cultures in large numbers, surely they know that if change is sudden, integration is slower, and the result will be civil unrest.

[6TH] As a country that seems to like referenda to make the decision our progressive politicians are unable to make, how about one on immigrants.

Why not let the country decide?

Do we want hundreds of thousands more Muslim nutters in our midst or not? Simple question. Now let the country decide. You can`t be more democratic than that can you?

[7TH] Tommy Robinson is, and has always been, anti Islamofascist. He has never been “extreme right wing”. He left the EDL after it was labelled by the media as being a far right party, which resulted in it becoming one, as it was then overrun by the BNP.

The EU media’s position attacking protests against the present tsunami of largely Islamic immigration into Europe is strongly reminiscent of the current Western/Saudi support for “moderate islamist” groups fighting Assad.

If it were not for genuine resistance in Syria from Russia, Iran and the Kurds, this support for militant Islam from the West would very soon result the Islamofascist takeover of the entire middle east, most likely including Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Hardly a recipe for peace.

Also, as you well know “concentration camps” were introduced by the British as a means of temporarily containing suspected enemy sympathisers during wartime. Your use of the term in this article is clearly intended to equate “concentration camp” with “death camp”, which is disingenuous and suggests that you are attempting to deceive people into accepting what is effectively a pro fascist agenda.

[8TH] The German politicians condemnation of Pegida will come back to haunt them, keeping public opinion down by calling them nazis and racist, will backfire when those people start voting for right wing parties, when they say, might as well be hung for a wolf as a sheep.

[9TH] Everyone seems to be using the ‘R’ word these days. Are we really all ‘Racists’..? I don’t see why we should be labelled that simply because we disagree with the loony left’s policy of uncontrolled immigration from the Third World. We are constantly told to ‘keep our mouths shut’ by the political establishment, that any word of protest is in fact ‘hate speech’ and that we have no right to even express an opinion.

Hang on, I thought we used to live in a Democracy?! But when did Angela Merkel consult her own people, when she rammed through this ridiculous policy. If there is a backlash, what on earth does she expect? The public have been treated appallingly, and no doubt will be asked to pay for all this with their hard earned taxes.

So called ‘liberals’ who want the refugees to come…well why don’t you put your hand in your own pocket, and stop expecting everyone else to pay for something they don’t want! Germany will have an idle, bored generation of angry young men on its hands and Merkel has messed up monumentally. One day I imagine she will be put on trial, for what she has achieved. [The Independent] Read more

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