‘Do not let Germany be dragged back to chaos and destruction’: EDL founder Tommy Robinson speaks to 40,000 strong crowd at the Pegida anti-immigrant rally in Germany

The founder of the EDL has addressed a 40,000-strong crowd in Dresden tonight, as Germany’s far-right celebrates the first anniversary of the anti-refugee group Pegida.

Tommy Robinson, who set up and led the English Defence League, looked out over the crowd of tens of thousands of Germans as police braced themselves for violence.

Despite quitting the far-right group two years ago, after a realisation that his group was ‘part of the problem’, this is Robinson’s second appearance at a Pegida rally this week after appearing at a Pegida anti-Islam rally in Holland last weekend.

The 32-year-old told the assembled crowd: ‘Do not let Germany be dragged back to chaos and destruction. All of your progress is now threatened.

‘Your current chancellor, Angela Merkel, seems to be handing out the birth right of German citizens like she is handing out candy to children.’ [468 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 4124 votes] If only our media would tell us the TRUE numbers of marches, riots and unrest in Germany and other EU countries, but are forbidden to by the EU and UK lefties. Russia Today News program gives us better coverage of things.

[2ND 3671] Other European leaders should take note, this is what happens when you ignore your people. They turn to more extreme organisations.

[3RD 3142] What did Merkel expect? An Iron cross first class? Her idiocy will inevitably lead to a massive upsurge of support for the right wing.

[4TH 3058] I am not at all surprised by this, Merkel has had this coming for some time with her ultra Liberal declarations. Welcoming the whole world into Germany and then on to the rest of Europe once they are made EU citizens – I think not! This affects all of us, including the UK as long as we are part of this EU mess, so someone has to stop this mad woman.

[5TH 2563] Why isn’t this story taking a greater profile? [Daily Mail] Read more

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