No, Theresa May – immigration is not the real threat to national cohesion

…. It’s not low-paid migrants who traded in credit default swaps, or were bailed out by public funds to the tune of billions and are now back to collecting huge bonuses as though nothing ever happened – that was the Tories’ financial backers.

It’s not asylum seekers who decided that the poor should pay for the mistakes of the rich and slashed funding for libraries, education, youth services, welfare and tax credits. It’s not refugees who decided that the steelworks in Redcar would not be saved or that pits should be closed – thereby devastating entire communities and creating the kind of regional imbalances that render all talk of cohesion meaningless.

The very institutions that have tied this nation isle together – the National Health Service, the BBC, the welfare state – are the very things May’s party is busy dismantling.

Social cohesion cannot be dictated by fiat, less still conjured from thin air. Its greatest threat comes not from immigration but from the claim by those who have much that those who have little should blame their plight on those who have even less. [Gary Younge, 1469 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 539 votes] I suggest this guy go to Leicester, Luton, Slough, Wembley, Southall, etc, etc, if he wants to see the impact of mass immigration, perhaps that’s his ‘vision’ for the UK, which incidentally we were never consulted on.

[3RD 374] Nuts article isn’t it? Just because “immigrants” didn’t do credit default swaps (actually they did, just mainly American immigrants) nor cause the closure of Redcar steelworks (actually the Thailand based SSI did that one), there is no problem with mass overnight immigration.

Somewhere in Mr Younge’s mind there is someone blaming immigrants for credit default swaps going wrong and a North East steelworks closing. Throw in some other irrelevant stuff about the SNP and other regional identities and you have an article and thus a paycheck.

[2ND 408] There was nothing nuts about the article.

May claimed that immigrants are a threat to social cohesion. Young is pointing out that it’s long been Tory policy to destroy social cohesion.

The hypocrisy is clear and true.

[4TH 272] …. When you’ve seen children die for the lack of a $3 mosquito net or $5 worth of medicine then you have a slightly better idea of what motivates a lot of these poor people.

Throw in free healthcare, a roof over your head, a toilet, clean running water, the chance for your children to get an education and not spend their lives as dirt farmers menaced by ululating dipshits with AK47’s and a very particular understanding of the Koran…trust me, this is a very attractive proposition for many hundreds of millions of people. Hence they risk their lives to get here. Are they refugees in the strictest sense of the word? No. Can you blame them? No.

[5TH 268 ] How is it not a threat to national cohesion when towns are divided along cultural lines and the rise of identity politics is in clear view. Respect party anyone?

[6TH 267] She didn’t say ” immigration ” is the real threat to national cohesion. She said ” UNCONTROLLED immigration “, was a threat to national cohesion…..which it obvious is. Should there be no limits to the numbers who come in..?..if not, do you not expect that all our public services could then be stretched to where they would break? Absolute utter nonsense !

[7TH 243] “British identity has long been a very porous, private matter. There were many ways to get there and few prescriptions on how you made the journey. Its vague and fluid nature allowed space for a range of options, hyphens and elisions.”

Nonsense, but that’s what you’d like us to believe.

If we convince ourselves (with help from the likes of you) that our culture is nothing more than Morris dancing and fish and chips, it makes it a lot easier to strip us of it and get us to abandon it voluntarily. Genius really.

[8TH 237] It has been truly despicable to see how the left has abandoned the UK working class, of all colours and creeds. Left to fight like rats in sacks with even poorer people to supply the wealthy and middle class liberals with cheap labour, and then shouted down as “racists” if they have the temerity to question what has been done to them.


And no one blames the immigrants. They blame the b*stards, in the press and in parliament (both left and right) who have ruined their lives, their communities and their children’s life chances

[9TH 228] Do you think there should be a limit Gary?

How large do you want the UK population to be? 80 million? 100 million ? 120 million?

What would life in the UK be like with 120 million people? Would you live here Gary?

[10TH 223] Someone questioned uncontrolled immigration – quick, play the racist card and SHUT THEM UP. [Guardian Cif] Read more

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