Nothing has changed in 25 years to ease my concerns about Islam

Significant numbers of Muslims see a faith-run, faith-defined state as the ultimate goal in this life.

Viktor Orbán is the prime minister of Hungary. It is through his country that very large numbers of migrants from the Middle East and the Balkans now pass. At the beginning of this month, Mr Orbán said: “I think we have a right to decide that we don’t want to have a large number of Muslim people in our country.”

Mr Orbán was fiercely attacked for the motives behind his remark. I do not know enough about Hungarian politics to say whether such attacks are justified. But, regardless of the precise facts about Mr Orbán, I would guess most people in western – let alone eastern – Europe would quietly agree with his general proposition. One of the biggest anxieties about the current immigration is its high Muslim element. Is it wrong to have such an anxiety, let alone to express it publicly, let alone to want to have a system of immigration based on it? [2238 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 107 votes] “Finally, there was an unsettling attitude about politics, law and power. It seemed to me that most Muslim leaders saw their role not in integrating Muslims in Britain, but in asserting difference and increasing their muscle.”

That’s it in a nutshell, it’s all about politics, law and power, and our attitude of tolerance has conceded ground, literally, socially and politically to Muslims.

That’s why we see veiled women in the streets, why halal food has been covertly introduced into our schools / hospitals / food outlets and we have sharia courts. All this make me feel uneasy and that’s before you introduce the crazy jihadi element into the equation.

I think the most important thing is to strip Islam of its protected status, we MUST be able to discuss it, its practices, verses in the Koran which motivate Muslims to commit barbaric atrocities in the name of their god, but of course we can’t because there’s the trump card played by extremists and apologists for extremists alike; when you link Islamic terrorism to Islam you’re an “islamophobe” = end of conversation.

[2ND 96] I don’t know how long this comments section will stay open but while it is, I want to pay tribute to Viktor Orbán. It is a rare thing these days to see a leader of a western country who has the interests of his own people at heart. For most, the rest of the world comes first, their own country last.

I heard the BBC Radio 5 correspondent in Hungary doing just about everything she could to avoid admitting that the vast majority of Hungarians support his approach, but in the end she was forced to blurt it out.

I’m not particularly religious, but please God, send us a Viktor Orbán of our own.

[3RD 60] The biggest single problem with immigration into the UK has been how easily the government has granted the right of residency, citizenship and the vote to people who do not have any historical connection to the UK, who do not like us or our way of life, and who owe no allegiance to the country or its people.

What is wrong with a secure border to let no one in who should not be here, and 100% deportation of all illegal immigrants?

[4TH 45] It was during the Rushdie affair many years ago that I was first shocked to find Muslims trying to dictate to me what I could and could not read in my own country. My suspicions about Islam have greatly increased since then, I think Charles Moore is quite right to be wary.

[5TH 33] The greatest existential threat to Britain is the growth of Islam and eu open borders, now manifested together through a German dominated eu with Merkel and Juncker an extreme danger to our country through their joint policy of inviting millions of Muslims from North Africa and the Middle East to flood the eu.

The Merkel / Juncker diktat will cause Islamic fundamentalism to soar in Europe and Britain.

Exit the eu to save Britain. [The Telegraph] Read more

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