Female cartoonist could have 12 year prison term extended for shaking her lawyer’s hand

An Iranian artist currently serving more than 12 years in prison for criticising the government now faces further charges of “indecency” for allegedly shaking her male lawyer’s hand.

Amnesty International reports that Atena Farghadani, 29, who was jailed after she depicted Iranian government officials as monkeys and goats in a satirical cartoon, may face a longer sentence amid claims over the handshake.

Charges of an “illegitimate sexual relationship short of adultery” have been brought against Farghadani and her lawyer Mohammad Moghimi amid allegations he visited her in jail and shook her hand – which is illegal in Iran.

[TOP RATED COMMENT] There will never be a civilised society in the Middle East until religious nutters are removed from positions of power. Learn from European history. Religion and power should never go together. It’s so frustrating that hundreds of years after the Enlightenment religious pricks are still in charge in so much of the world.

[2ND] Islam is like something from science fiction.

[3RD] That woman is a heroine, and doing precisely what the world should be doing to combat war and terrorism in the middle east. Western governments and media need to back her up by publishing and spreading the same type of satire and more amongst the middle east. Eventually, there’ll be a sea change, but won’t be easy. It’s the only hope, though, I fear. Invasion is never the answer, if history has taught us anything.

[4TH] And isn’t interesting that apparetnly no member of our oh-so moderate Muslim community, who, we are assured, share our own democratic values, feels moved or angry enough to register his/her own disgust at this awful miscarriage of justice?

Why not I wonder?

[5TH] Disgusting country run by a bunch of Islamofascist misogynistic bigots.

Why have we resumed diplomatic relations with these bearded animals?

Their human rights record is appalling – they stone so-called adulterers, hang gays and suppress any form of legitimate dissent with torture, rape and murder. They are no better than those equally repulsive regimes of Saudi Arabia or Bahrain.

We should finally take a stand against such despotic Islamic theocracies – Sunni or Shia, and severe all ties. [The Independent] Read more

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