The ‘Birmingham Koran’ fragment that could shake Islam after carbon-dating suggests it is OLDER than the Prophet Muhammad

Fragments of the world’s oldest Koran, found in Birmingham last month, may predate the Prophet Muhammad and could even rewrite the early history of Islam, according to scholars.

The pages, thought to be between 1,448 and 1,371 years old, were discovered bound within the pages of another Koran from the late seventh century at the library of the University of Birmingham.

Written in ink in an early form of Arabic script on parchment made from animal skin, the pages contain parts of the Suras, or chapters, 18 to 20, which may have been written by someone who actually knew the Prophet Muhammad – founder of the Islamic faith. Comments [1854 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 7498 votes] How can it predate Mohammed, as he founded Islam? That would mean Mohammed was not the prophet sent by Allah surely?

[2ND 6226] Who cares? Religion is the root of all the troubles in the world. People should concentrate on being good, reasonable, caring, empathetic creatures rather than looking for get out clauses on bit of paper to do the exact opposite!

[3RD 4592] Please don’t refer to him as “The Prophet Muhammed”as if this is an established title accepted by everyone, unless the editorial policy of the DM is also to refer to “The Messiah Jesus Christ” or “The Prophet Joseph Smith.” “Muhammed, the Islamic prophet” will do ok.

[4TH 4579] Not my prophet

[5TH 3699] I need coffee. I read the headline as , ‘Korean found in Birmingham…..’

[6TH 3467] Do me a favour – they’re all brainwashed beyond redemption. They are never going to believe anything that challenges their beliefs

[7TH 3079] These prophets almost came along likes busses, in olden times. Since we have become a modern civilisation, not a single one for over 1500 years, strange that. [Daily Mail] Read more

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