London majority-Muslim school scraps sex segregation – despite angry parents’ complaints

The principal of a majority-Muslim school in northeast London has said he will not allow a “militant minority” of parents to derail his plans to abolish gender segregation.

The Crest Academies school was formed by the merger of adjacent two single-sex schools last year, and prior to the arrival of new principal Mohsen Ojja had a “wall of segregation” down the middle of the campus to ensure that boys and girls couldn’t interact, even outside the classroom.

The only non-faith, segregated school in Brent, northwest London, it was put under special measures after failing an Ofsted inspection in February 2015 – and Mr Ojja said it was an “easy decision” to work towards better integration of the sexes.

He has announced that, starting this September, classes and common areas will be mixed, the school’s name will be changed to a singular Crest Academy, and each child will get a new school blazer for free which reflects the “rebrand”.

But there is a vocal group of parents who are not happy. Hundreds of people have signed a petition urging the school to keep the segregation in place, and said that was more important to them than improving standards.

“The challenge has been to persuade parents that just because we have a Muslim majority now of over 90 per cent, we don’t have to be a Muslim school,” Mr Ojja told The Independent.

[EQUAL TOP RATED COMMENT] Why the holy heck can’t these parents and their progeny live in an Islamic country? If you come to England – live like the English do – drive cars, ride bikes and eat “curry” and blame the weather for everything.

If you want to live like your great grandfather lived in Pakistan / Indian sub continent – pick your bags and go there.

All these are here because of the free NHS and benefits – they also fill all the prisons now.

Do Hindoos do better – OF COURSE !!! Hindoos just bloody blend into society – and my wife drinks and I don’t !!!

[EQUAL TOP RATED COMMENT] The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Muslim countries are great to live in…

Iraq. Killing. Yemen. Killing. Afghanistan. Killing. Libya. Killing. Syria. Killing. Northern Nigeria (the Muslim bit). Killing. Somalia. Killing. Northern Pakistan. Killing. Egypt. Killing. Darfur. Killing.

Why these Muslim parents want to live in our country beats me.

[3RD] Just say No! to Islamic apartheid.

[4TH] “just because we have a Muslim majority now of over 90 per cent, we don’t have to be a Muslim school”

Interesting comment. So as soon as there is a Muslim-majority, Muslims think that an institution has to become ‘Muslim’?

Presumably this means jettisoning ideas of education and equality,and begin teaching the ‘virtues’ of Arabic supremacy?

[EQUAL 5TH] We all know the religion was founded by a man who consummated a marriage with a 9 year old, , and told his followers to kill any of their number who left their religion – it’s in your haddiths. We also know you hold him up as an example of someone who has lived the perfect life.

With regards to that, can we have some Gary Glitter fan club schools – just so as not to show prejudice against white people who commit similar acts?

[EQUAL 5TH] They clearly have not adjusted to the British way of life and British values. Time to go home. [The Independent] Read more

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