Muhammad really is the single most popular boys’ name in England and Wales

Why doesn’t the Office of National Statistics want us to know that Mohammed is the most popular boys’ name in England and Wales? Yesterday, it put out its annual survey of the top 10 baby’s names. In 2014, it reported, the most popular boys’ names were Oliver, Jack and Harry. This contrasts somewhat with a similar survey by the website BabyCentre last December which claimed that the most popular boys’ name was now Mohammed.

When that survey was reported in the Daily Mail it was jumped upon by various left-wing ‘fact-checker’ websites who denounced the survey as an abuse of statistics. Not only were the figures based only on respondents to a single website – which is true – but they had been arrived at by the ‘dubious’ means of adding together various spellings of Mohammed, while ignoring different spellings of other names. Though the Mail reported the survey purely as a matter of interest – as did the Guardian, in fact – the accusation was clear: the tabloids were yet again trying to stir up fears of Britain being over-run by muslims.

[TOP RATED COMMENT] Of course we all hate this. Of course this has gone way too far. There really isn’t any debate any more, the only question now is when are we going to do something about it?

It’s either a diminishing standard of living and surrender to Islam or we deal with it now and it will be very bloody. Freedom or slavery. It’s that simple.

[2ND] As I have previously mentioned the current demograph is 5% and historically this has doubled every decade. Simple arithmetic arrives at 40% by 2045 and this does not take into account continued immigration from islamic countries and White flight.

Yesterday we were discussing the very real possibility of Sadiq Khan being elected as London’s Mayor – the transformation of secular, freedom loving, civilised UK to an islamic state will be achieved perfectly legally by democratic means.

But let’s all worry about the really important things, eh? Eastenders, X factor, football…………

[3RD] Muhammed (and its variant spellings) will be the most popular boys name in England in perpetuity since Muslims make up nearly a third of the youth population and will have above replacement birth rates for decades to come increasing the size of Muslim population until they are the eventual majority. There shouldn’t be much shock. England has done this to itself. [The Spectator] Read more

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