We need the help of non-violent Muslim extremists against Isis

…. Perhaps fight is the wrong word. What Luton saw was an ambush by a group of Salafists on the local leader of Al-Muhajiroun. Salafists, who make up about 5 per cent of British Muslims, follow a searingly puritan version of Islam.

They seek to return to the way of life at the time of Prophet Mohamed. They hold views – on slavery, for example – that liberal society finds abhorrent. And yet, crucially, they do not support armed struggle, or forcing their religion on others. First comes self-purification. Politics are a distraction.

[TOP RATED COMMENT] At the end of the day Islam is NOT a peaceful religion…. See here

[2ND] “But liberal countries can handle the extremism of a few, without too much bother.”

Oh really? Given that some 29% of Britain’s 4 million Muslims approve of the activities of ISIS and the Hebdo massacre, that is a pretty sizeable “few” – all of whom have the potential to become violent.

And do you really think you can reason with the sort of disgusting psychopaths who “approve” of disembowelling, dismembering or burning people alive, or raping and torturing young Yazidi girls?

I’d suggest they are beyond any sort of redemption and warrant only contempt and Alienation.

[3RD] Islam is not a western religion and you wonder why we cannot get on with Muslims they think they are superior. Shame they are deluded. [The Independent] Read more

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