UK Muslims feel identity under threat since 9/11

POLITICIANS from Scotland’s Islamic community see the need for Cameron’s counter-extremism strategy, but they are wary of a failure to understand what turns young people to terrorism, says Euan McColm

It is a subject so complex that the usual rules of politics don’t apply. When Prime Minister David Cameron set out his five-year counter-extremism strategy last week, even those who might usually be expected to criticise for the sake of criticism were unable to do so.

…. Yousaf said that those concerned about radicalisation should be mindful of the pressure Muslims felt “post 9-11”.

“My perception is that since then many Muslims feel that their identity is under threat in a way it never was.

“We see it in different ways, throwaway remarks. My mum wears a headscarf, for example, and she has had more comments directed against her in recent years. My aunt was in Homebase recently and asked another customer if he would hand her something down from a shelf. He said he would as long as she wouldn’t bomb him.”

Not, perhaps, enough to radicalise a middle-aged woman of moderate views, but an example of the change in mood that may be adding to the frustration some misguided young Muslims undoubtedly feel.

[TOP RATED COMMENT] The Saudis, instead of spending their money improving the World, have been squandering their vast oil wealth trying to turn Muslims into Wahhabi, Kaffir hating, misogynistic violent jihadis for the past thirty years.

[2ND] In Muslim terms, if you are not a Muslim, then you are persona non grata. They do not accept any other religion other than Islam. Before the mortally offended start, I’m not anti Islam, but it’s time some people faced the truth, and are able to express their opinions on the matter of continued non integration by the Muslim community.

All too often, the media and especially politicians are walking on egg shells, terrified of upsetting the Muslim community every time we are faced with yet another atrocity against western life. We need to be able to criticise without being accused of being anti Islamic, and that’s the problem.

[3RD] UK muslims feel their identity is under threat since 9/11 ? So they should, it is time they chose between their past heritage and their present loyalties.

[4TH] News for Sarwar ~ Fact – Scottish people equal with their English friends ARE just as sick of immigrants and WE don’t see this integration from the Pakistani community your trying to make out. In General we feel the same and WANT to SEE Massive changes to the immigration system.

[5TH] No one is forcing Muslims to live in the west. They are free to upsticks and return to the homeland of their religion anytime.

[6TH] the Muslim community say they feel under threat? the question is why? they have Sharia courts, schools, they are allowed to build Mosques, their is no restrictions on them and their religion they are with British government permission allowed to create their own Aparthied in the UK then Cameron claims not enough integration!

I would suggest Mr Cameron actually read the Koran integration is not permitted with non Muslims and one has to wonder if friendship is not permitted what`s the chance integration will work? a call for it in effect asking Muslims not follow the preaching’s of their Prophet.

Unfortunately the Muslim community worldwide have the same problem Nowhere exists Muslims are not under threat according to Muslims themselves, the teaching of the prophet said he has commanded his followers to make Islam the only dominate faith [The Scotsman] Read more

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