Muslims take pride in contribution to Scots life

AN INNOVATIVE social media campaign has been launched to highlight the contribution Muslims have made to life in Scotland.

It aims to collect and collate the history of Scotland’s 85,000 Muslims through personal recollections and stories on Facebook and Twitter.

The project, which will last for a year, is the first attempt of its kind to research and celebrate the history of Scots Muslims and is aimed at promoting their positive impact on society to both young Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

“Muslims have made a positive impact on Scottish society”, says Habib Malik, the community interests director at Napiershall Formula, which is managing the campaign on behalf of the Scottish Muslim Heritage Trust.

[TOP RATED COMMENT] Muslims are, at present, a relatively small minority of the population and thus show a tolerant outlook to the rest of society. But, as had been shown in England, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and in many other European countries, this mask of tolerance soon slips when Muslims bacome a majority in any area. Scottish left wingers who are so pro-Muslim should just travel south of the border to places like Dewsbury, Rochdale and Tower Hamlets to see what happens when Muslims get the upper hand in any community.

[2ND] Sorry, but I’m sick of hearing about Islam. I played my favourite ‘How long does it take to hear a reference to Islam/Muslims on the BBC’ game today. Turned on R4 when I went to make breakfast and today’s result was a big fat 0 seconds. An article on why Muslims in East London don’t feel British.

Then open this website and whammy, here we are, how great Muslims are. We don’t have daily updates on Sikhs, Catholics, the Chinese community, Wee Frees, Fraserburgh fishermen, Buddhists and all the other myriad of people that make up our society. Yes, I know there are Muslims out there and that they have problems and cause us problems but just give us peace for one day.

[3RD] Some people should open their eyes, google ‘violent passages from the Koran’.

Or maybe they rather see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

[4TH] The misogynistic death cult that masquerades as ‘The Religion of Peace’ is proving a complete disaster for its adherents and for the rest of humanity. No place for this backward and ignorant nonsense in the UK.

[5TH] Scotland could manage quite well, without any contribution from Islam. [The Scotsman] Read more

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