At last, the Prime Minister is listening to me on Muslim integration

I liked the Prime Minister’s speech on tackling the extremist threat and the failure of Muslim integration very much. So much, I could have written it myself.

In fact, I have written it myself. Week after week, month upon month, year on year in this very column. Those of us who are furious that a policy of cultural appeasement has been adopted towards people who wish to import attitudes and practices that are hostile to our country’s values have had a pretty lonely time of it, to be honest.

“Please don’t write about it any more,” my mum pleads. “I know you’re right, but it makes me nervous.”

Still, I keep going, because I know from your letters and emails how strongly Telegraph readers feel about a subject which, at root, is nothing less than a battle for the soul of the United Kingdom. For our right to be us. [929 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 77 votes] My argument isn’t with you Alison, (why would it be) but with Cameron:

”He will play you, I, and the crowd for fools”:

He’s an ”appeaser”, when it’s leadership the country cries out for. And the recognition that Islam is not a religion, but an ideology, that seeks to impose its will on those countries short-sighted enough to act as a host for its covert agenda of infiltration and subjugation!

Islam is not, nor ever has been, some benign and honourable religion as perhaps Hindu, Sikh, Buddhism or Christianity are. History has more than once demonstrated that Islam is the ”Pariah of all religions” and never to be trusted a single inch.

Cameron’s CV: Short-sighted .. Appeaser .. and Weak …… and ”Muslims know it” and play on Cameron’s weakness!

[2ND 74] I have been saying this for a very long time. “Islam is incompatible with European and British values.”

About time that politicians agreed.

[3RD 69] Alison, a very disappointing article. Have you gone soft?

I have absolutely no faith that neither Cameron or any other Tory is willing to confront the corrosive effects of Islam in these islands. There is a total incompatibility of Islam with the United Kingdom and I say this as someone who is quite socially liberal in many respects.

Cameron has “previous” in making speeches on subjects he has no intention of addressing. This is no different.

Islam has no capacity to reform, therefore realising this should inform any strategy we devise to deal with it.

There’s no getting away from it, it’s going to be messy. [The Telegraph] Read more

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