Cameron unveils strategy to tackle Islamist extremism

David Cameron has set out the government’s strategy to defeat the “poison” of Islamist extremism.

He pledged to tackle extremist ideology and “the failures of integration” which he said had led to hundreds of Britons joining Islamic State (IS) militants.

Among a number of proposals, the PM promised to allow parents to have their children’s passports cancelled if they feared they were at risk.

He also pledged to look at social housing to prevent further segregation.

The Muslim Council of Britain urged the prime minister to “put his words into action” and engage with “all sections of the community including mainstream Muslim organisations and those who have differing views”. [2233 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 570 votes] Sick of Muslims playing the victim card. Nobody is accusing all Muslims of supporting IS; that’s a clearly a ridiculous statement. What we are accusing you off is tacit agreement with many of the ideals & doing the square root of jack all to address it. This is your culture that propagates the belief that you’re a Muslims first and a UK citizen second, not ours. Do something about it!

[2ND 493] Yasmin Qureshi said Muslims were tired of constantly being called on to apologise for the actions of extremists.

Apologise no, but there should be a minimum expectation that Muslims should be proactive in identifying and rooting out those who promote or propogate hatred.

With increasing numbers of British Muslims being radicalised, one feels the Muslim community can do more.

[3RD 466] No wonder many young muslims feel alienated and confused.

Trapped between the devout world of their parents, but living in a Western value society.

So either the Western world gets more fundamental or else Muslim society becomes more Western.

That means no veils in public, no Sharia law, no cousin marriages and no radical preachers either.

But will anyone have the guts to enact it?

[4TH 369] If you look around the world it’s quite clear that generally people from totally different cultures do not integrate readily. Why are we surprised that this has also turned out to be the case here. We are far too keen to give UK citizenship and passports to people who will never truly be “UK citizens” in the full sense of that term. Just storing up a problem.

[5TH 343] There is a really obvious solution to the issue being addressed by our PM today. Sadly, that solution is the proverbial elephant in the room. Everybody knows the problem, but we’re never allowed to mention it.

[6TH 323] If people want to travel to Syria and join IS, give them a packed lunch and a taxi to the airport – just take away their UK passports as they leave and inform them that their UK citizenship has been withdrawn.

Far better they are in Syria rather than the UK – persuading them to stay, or preventing their departure, merely keeps the problem here – IMHO, best they go.

[7TH 315] If Warsi and Qureshi are protesting Cameron must be on the right lines. [BBC] Read more

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