Islamists only want one thing. We cannot appease them

…. the distinction between violent and non-violent extremism is merely operational. Islamists feel morally free to achieve their aims peacefully or violently, publicly or secretly, whichever suits.

They follow a revolutionary doctrine, so there are no moderates. Islamism is declaredly determined to overthrow our way of life. Recent years prove its determination is matched by actions almost every day, almost everywhere. Like the Bolsheviks between 1905 and 1917, Islamists have moved fast from ranting to ruling, and they preach their creed globally. The phrase “existential threat” fits. [Charles Moore, 3640 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT] We cannot possibly fight muslim extremism abroad when, through idiotic and misguided political correctness, we have completely surrendered to it at home.

[ANOTHER] I noticed that a “Muslim Book Store” had opened in my town and popped in. I was wandering around taking a look when the shop assistant stopped me and asked if he could help. So I asked for a copy of the Australian Immigration Policy book regarding Muslims.

The assistant said, “F*& off, get out, and stay out!” I said, “Yes, that’s the one”

[ANOTHER] The political buffoonery of recent years has taken us to the point where decent citizens are now harbouring much more extreme thoughts. Charles Moore puts the case in a very sensible way.

Our hospitality has been sorely abused, and we still haven’t woken up to the fact – at least our politicians haven’t. We have to tackle the ‘muslim’ problem boldly, and make it clear that this is Britain, and those who don’t embrace the British way of life should get out. I’m certainly not going to dilute my way of life to accommodate them, and those politicians who think that I should, are in for a big surprise. [The Telegraph] Read more

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