A Muslim mayor of London would ‘send message to the haters’, says Sadiq Khan

A Muslim mayor of London would send a message to all “the haters in Iraq and in Syria” that the city is a beacon of tolerance and respect, Sadiq Khan, one of Labour candidates for the job, has said.

Khan, the first Muslim MP to be elected in London, set out his case for why it would be helpful for the capital to have a Muslim mayor just days after the terrorist attack on British tourists in Tunisia and ahead of the 10th anniversary of the 7/7 bombings next week.

The former cabinet minister is the only Muslim running to be the Labour candidate. Syed Kamall, an MEP and potential Conservative candidate, is also a Muslim.

Khan, the son of a bus driver from Pakistan, said the extremist bombers who killed 52 people on 7/7 were against British values and the British way of life, so electing a Muslim mayor would send a “phenomenal message and would say something about our confidence as a city”. [1890 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 381] Tower Hamlets would suggest electing a mayor based upon religious ideas is not a good idea.

How about electing as mayor the best candidate, regardless of religion?

There’s a message there somewhere.

[2ND 305] The Dutch city of Rotterdam has a Muslim mayor (Ahmed Aboutaleb) but for some reason ISIS and their lot still seem to hate our country.

[5TH 212] He has been an extremely brave vocal critic of ISIS etc and got death threats etc.

Which is the barrier. Any Muslim mayor of London would have to demonstrate libertarian views, which by its nature, would alternate a significant proportion of their electoral base.

Can you imagine a Muslim mayor at London Pride? Or talking to the London Jewish community? It would be admirable and worthy but they would bebe a target for extremists within their own community.

[3RD 260] Labour have got no chance of winning the general election ever again.

[4TH 237] I think I’ll vote based on the policies they have any previous track record rather than any simple trait they happen to have, thanks.

[6TH 199] Is “sending a message to the haters” really all the job is about? [The Guardian] Read more

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