By scapegoating Muslims, Cameron fuels radicalisation

The anti-Muslim drumbeat has become deafening across the western world. As images of atrocities by the jihadi terror group Isis multiply online, and a steady trickle of young Europeans and North Americans head to Syria and Iraq to join them, Muslim communities are under siege. Last week David Cameron accused British Muslims of “quietly condoning” the ideology that drives Isis sectarian brutality, normalising hatred of “British values”, and blaming the authorities for the “radicalisation” of those who go to fight for it.

…. That could of course change, not least as the government criminalises dissent, brands conservative religiosity “extremist” and, in the formulation of ministers, “quietly condones” Islamophobia. The British government has long fed terrorism with its warmaking abroad. Now it’s also fuelling it with its scapegoating of Muslims at home. [Seumas Milne, 1,585 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 381 votes] “…. and those behind every violent attack or terror plot have cited western intervention in the Muslim world as their motivation.”

There have been at least a couple of plots on night clubs where the desire was to kill “sluts” and “slags”.

I am against this Government’s illiberal attacks on free speech and agree with Milne that the tactics of Cameron are likely to do more harm than good, but Seamus cannot bring himself to even acknowledge that there is a problem with radical Islam in this country that is not attributable to British foreign policy alone.

[2ND 380] This is utter nonsense. The ousting of the Muslim elected mayor in Tower Hamlets was because of gross corruption but you don’t mention that do you?

Somehow that falls into the category of Islamophobia?

[3RD 364] “By scapegoating Muslims, Cameron fuels radicalisation”

Is this not battered wives’ syndrome? Don’t upset them or they’ll hurt us.

[4TH 320] Islam, the heroin of the left.

[5TH 244] Surely, as the Guardian is so keen to promote equality within this country, this article should be a discussion about how Islam in the UK needs to undergo a radical reformation which allows for equality for all members of its faith within society which makes it compatible with Western Liberal values. That includes gender, sexual orientation and non-Muslims.

Why is it that everyone feels compelled to tell Christians how they should be willing to adapt and tolerate others in society, but addressing anything to do with Islam is looked upon as scapegoating and Islamaphobic? The only people who can end this is the British Muslim community themselves, and that requires them to look at what their beliefs actually represent.

At the moment there is a genuine Fascist revolution going on in the Middle East in the name of Islam. British Muslims may hate ISIS as well, but until they address the issues within Islam as mentioned previously, there is always going to be questions asked.

[6TH 230] Were his comments inflammatory and unnecessary and did little help to the situation? – Yes.

Do his comments have more than an element of truth in them? – the answer appears to be affirmative as well.

[7TH 224] What utter rubbish…” Cameron scapegoting Muslims”….it is the other way around….it is Muslims who are scapegoating the British authorities….it is the police not doing their job, the airlines not checking properly…etc….do these Muslim families ever talk to each other..?

How can fathers not have an inkling as to what their wives who are going to take their children away for austensibly, what ever reason, on a trip abroad…..then say …It had nothing to do with me guv….it is everybody else’s fault?

[8TH 221] Check some polls. Check some of the less salubrious neighbourhoods in town. Go and visit some open air markets.

Ride the bus or the tram or the train in any big city in NL. Or go for a stroll on foot. As a woman on a summer day in a summer dress.

The integration of muslim immigrants has failed. The pandering to a religion and culture whose adherents have no interest in absorbing western values by the political left, like equality between men and women and secular government and education is self defeating and self destructive. Values that inspired and galvanized the political left until pandering to islam became the new priority.

…. A tough approach is all that is left. Make it as unpleasant as it can be for hardline religious fools, including papists and hardcore black stocking protestants. Close all faith schools of all denominations. Draw all the cartoons about mohammed and the pope and priests fondling children and stealing from poor natives in far away lands. Crack all the George Carlin jokes and make up some new ones. Stop tax deductions for all religious organisations. Get some balls like the French who will not allow their secular culture and country to be stolen from them.

Hard won secular values and principles cannot and must not be abandoned at the alter of PC correctness.

[9TH 192] “In reality, it shouldn’t be so hard to understand why a small section of young alienated Muslims are attracted to fight in Syria and Iraq with Isis and other such groups”

It’s pretty hard to understand when most of their activity involves killing other Muslims and raping girls. How is that striking back at Western foreign policy, exactly? [The Guardian] Read more

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