UK Muslims helping jihadis, says Cameron: Communities must stop ‘quietly condoning’ barbaric ISIS, PM warns in blunt speech

Too many British Muslims ‘quietly condone’ extremism, David Cameron will say today.

In a blunt speech, he will urge families to speak out against the ‘poisonous ideology’ driving hundreds of young people to wage jihad for Islamic State.

The Prime Minister will also call for parents to stop blaming police and the security services for failing to prevent British teenagers heading to Syria.

Parts of the Muslim community are guilty of normalising hatred of democracy and western values, he warns – making it easier for violent extremism to take hold.

At the weekend, 17-year-old Talha Asmal became Britain’s youngest suicide bomber when he detonated a car loaded with explosives in the northern Iraqi town of Baiji. [263 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 6077 votes] Do I think he is right? Yes. Do I think he will do anything about it? No. Very much no.

[2ND 5253] If people condone ISIS then kick them over there. And freeze their bank accounts and benefits. I don’t want traitors in our midst thank you!

[4TH 4774] Ordinary people in the street could have told you this a while ago.

[5TH 4380] Well it’s taken him long enough to realise what we’ve all known for years. He talks the talk but, unfortunately, Wimpy Dave won’t actually do anything about it.

[6TH 4005] How bad does it have to get before Cameron actually acts and does something? [Daily Mail] Read more

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