Remember, prime minister: British Muslims hate Isis too

…. what concerns me about the prime minister’s speech in Slovakia is his emphasis on one aspect of the challenge, while overlooking all the other aspects of the problem. He has apparently decided to focus on the idea that “some” in our Muslim communities condone the activities of Isis and “perhaps” encourage young people to take the ruinous path of joining the terrorists. Although he rightly said there are “many reasons” why young people become radicalised and then take the next step towards acting on those warped beliefs, his speech focused only on the notion of Muslim community complicity. Friday’s newspapers were also heavily briefed to that effect ahead of the speech.

…. Cameron is right that there are “some” – a minority within a minority within a minority – who condone the Isis view of the world, but there are so many more of this minority who are fighting a very real and sustained battle, the same battle he is fighting. They know they have to do more, they are willing to do more, but they will do it a lot better knowing we are on the same side.

Government needs to champion them, support them. Only then will it have the credibility to demand that communities themselves do more. [Sayeeda Warsi, 782 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 353 votes] Why is it that people like Warsi are always quick to point fingers at someone else?

David Cameron only said what many people have been saying i.e


For once David Cameron said something truthfully without worrying about the PC Brigade

[2ND 319] Poll finds 27% of British Muslims have sympathy for Charlie Hebdo attacks, and 11% have sympathy for those who travel to join ISIS.

Al Jazeera Arabic poll finds 81% of Muslims in the middle east support ISIS. Obviously only a minority of Muslims become extremists, but the data suggests we seriously underestimate the sympathies and ideological support of extremism both home and abroad, sadly.

[3RD 264] Those UK numbers only show the amount willing to openly admit they have such taboo views. Shy tories swung the election and I don’t doubt there are a fair few shy ISIS supporters around too.

[4TH 243] …. Now the line peddled by Warsi and others is that the government is to blame for extremism, by not allying with groups who promote and apologise for extremism, whilst at the same time claiming that these groups, like the Muslim Council of Britain, cannot be expected to oppose extremism. The whole thing is disingenuous and grubby. And really, its just the tip of the iceberg of this ethical calamity.

[5TH 237] Oh gawd, Cameron finally stating what everyone has been thinking for years, has demoralised some within the Muslim community.

What on earth can be done about this problem? Why don’t you give us a definitive list of what you would like us to say and do to stop Muslims feeling demoralised, disengaged, radicalised, victimised, demonised, marginalised, misunderstood and sad?

[6TH 235] Radicalism starts at home. Expanded in places of worship,manipulated by agents, executed in Syria.

[7TH 217] “My concern is that this call to Muslims to do more, without an understanding of what they already do now, will demoralise the very people who will continue to lead this fight. As one prominent female Muslim activist told me: “This speech has undermined what I’ve been doing.””

Whatever she’s doing….hasn’t worked!

The cheek of Warsi, made a baroness, parachuted into government (never elected) because of quota’s and proved to be a political liability for all not just her chosen community. Collect £300 a day in expenses & do not pass go.

[8TH 210] Is the Muslim community fighting radicalism?? I thought they just sit on the sidelines & claim to have nothing to do with the whole thing usually, I’d love to hear more about all this activism, it really is news to me! [The Guardian] Read more

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