We Muslims MUST stop blaming others for the way our young are radicalised, writes chairman of the Muslim Forum MANZOOR MOGHAL

…. for misguided mothers like the Dawood sisters, the ISIS drive for a caliphate seems to hold out the prospect of raising their children in a pure Muslim society, untainted by any western influences.

This is the kind of nonsense that other Muslims have to confront. It is no use always blaming the police or the Government or foreign policies.

Of course, we ultimately need a political solution to the conflicts in Iraq and Syria, one that involves dialogue and compromise rather than continual bloodshed.

But the existence of these warzones cannot explain the growing incidence of extremism within British Islam, prompting at least 700 Muslims from here to go out and fight in Syria and Iraq.

This week, the organisation Islamic Relief complained, in the typical mode of victimhood, that British Muslims were ‘being demonised again’ by the connection with jihadism.

‘Just 0.02 per cent of the British Muslim population go to join Middle Eastern conflicts,’ proclaimed Islamic Relief.

But that is just sophistry. This is a Muslim problem — and British Muslims have to address it rather than abdicating their responsibilities.

[TOP RATED COMMENT 2027 votes] Thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing this article! Everything you wrote just clicked with me! It’s true they play the victim card all the time and people are SICK AND TIERD of it!

[2ND 1669] At last, a Muslim who is forthright, who has Integrity, who speaks the truth and who isn’t swayed by the apologists who blame all and sundry for what is essentially their own weakness when it comes to spelling out the facts in relation to radicalisation to their offspring. Manzoor Moghal should be given a public platform to give his peers a dose of reality.

[3RD 1575] Absolutely 100% correct, very well balanced and very well written article. [Daily Mail] Read more

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