The breeding ground for jihadis where even the ice cream lady wears a burka: How Dewsbury, the once great textile town of the North, has undergone a terrifying transformation

…. ‘The change happened so quickly,’ says Jean today. ‘One day it seemed it was all whites, and then it was all Asians.’

Jean remembers when the first Asian family moved into Savile Town, on a road named South Street where she was brought up. Her father worked for the Yorkshire Electricity Board, her mother was a housewife and she was in her teens.

‘We peered at them and they peered back,’ she says now, as she serves a cup of tea in her sitting room. ‘We had never seen anything like them and they probably felt just the same about us. There was no prejudice, just curiosity.’

Yet feelings between the two communities have changed dramatically for the worse in the years since. Across the world Dewsbury was always famous for manufacturing wool products – it was said the town provided the coats for British soldiers’ backs and the blankets under which they slept too.

Today, it has gained another kind of terrifying notoriety. First, the leader of the gang of four bombers who attacked London on July 7, 2005, came from here. [2500 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 20385 votes] The problem is we have bent over backward to integrate their customs, to make allowances for them, instead of the other way around, this is the result. Left wing doo gooders.

[2ND 15873] This is meant to be the UK! A Christian based country with a high level of tolerance for other religions. Why are others allowed to practice female mutilation,arranged marriages and fully covered faces (motorbike riders cannot do this!). We should follow the lead of other countries, one can practice your religion or beliefs provided within the UK legal system.

[3RD 14001] The Burka and the ice-cream van looks like something straight out of a Monty Python sketch. R.I.P Britain.

[4TH 12391] You let this happen, Britain.

[5TH 10583] When did the british people become so gullible?

[6TH 9930] When you sit back and think of all those brave soldiers in WW 1 and WW 2 they would be rolling over in their graves if they could see what the country they died for has become.

[7TH 9047] Its time to get tough with these people, we must start turning the screw now for our childrens sakes or they will have no place to call home. [Daily Mail] Read more

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