Lady Warsi: ministers fuelling Muslim radicalisation

Lady Warsi, the first Muslim to serve in cabinet, has warned that radicalisation of British Muslims represents a “generational challenge” that the government is failing to tackle amid fears for three sisters and their nine children who are believed to have travelled from West Yorkshire to Syria.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, the former Conservative minister for faith and communities said her ex-colleagues were fuelling the problem by “disengaging” with Muslim communities.

Warsi, who is from the West Yorkshire town of Dewsbury and knew the family of 17-year-old Talha Asmal, who killed himself in a suicide attack in northern Iraq, according to the extremist group Islamic State.

…. She added: “Let’s first of all be very clear about finding the evidence base of what are the drivers to radicalisation. It may make for uncomfortable reading but it is only when we start to have that honest conversation that we unpick what is now becoming a generational challenge.” [506 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 270 votes] No you deluded little troll, it is the imans and the leadership of mosques plus their families that are allowing it to occur.

[2ND 255] Here we go again with Lady Warsi. Always playing the victim.

It is always someone else fault that young Muslim travel to join ISIS never the fault of the family or the community who are sympathetic to some of their views.

If the Government dare to say anything to Imams and Mosques , they are accused of picking on them.

[3RD 190] Correct. In the case of those 3 girls who went to Syria, ‘the authorities failed them’. With Jihadi John ‘If the authorities had just left him alone he’d have been fine’.

A look in the mirror is what’s required.

[4TH 154] “…. we should be very active in highlighting the benefits of our society for all of its members.”

What – exactly – are the benefits to British society of having a minority group of people believing in religious tenets that negate our liberal-democratic values, minority and women’s rights and everything else that makes this county good.

[5TH 152] “Let’s first of all be very clear about finding the evidence base of what are the drivers to radicalisation.”

Oh, that’s easy. Islam.

[6TH 138] Forgive me, Ms. Warsi, but I’d laboured under the apparently misguided delusion that the slick social media campaigns put forward on behalf of radical Islamic movements around the world, which encourage kids to become terrorists and fight in the name of ‘Allah’ against ‘infidels’ like me, with the promise of copious sex in heaven as laid out in the official Islamic holy book, were what was causing Muslims to become radicalised.

[7TH 115] As yesterday’s BBC news highlighted,the UK government has been trying to engage with the Muslim community for 10 years but the problem is getting worse. Maybe the problem is down to the Muslim community to sort out,sharpish.

[8TH 113] Somehow I knew it would be our fault.

[9TH 101] I cant get my head around this, I am a migrant, fully engaged in UK society, dont need the government to engage with me, I chose to come here and am happy to live in this community, my views are not superior to this country, and if I dont like things, and cant accept the UK then I should leave, this is not news, stop blaming the average person on the street and blame the parents for this rubbish

[10TH 92] A large part of the problem is Islamic.

The divide between being a “good child” in a very socialy conservative home, and an extremist is wafer thin.

The Islamic sub-culture in this country needs to understand that they do live in the liberal West, not the tribal societies they came from.

The rules are different.

We spend a lot of time, money and effort trying to understand Muslims. Its about time, Baroness Varsi, that Muslims spent a bit of time understanding the country in which they live.

And if they really can’t get tbeir heads round it, they should look for somewhere more to their liking. [The Guardian] Read more

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