Australian Muslims in trauma over politics of ‘war on terror’, forum hears

Australian Muslims are living in trauma because they had been singled out for political purposes, a leading Islamic leader said on Sunday.

The president of the Islamic Council of Victoria, Ghaith Krayem, told an anti-racism forum in Melbourne that the federal government’s plans to allow the immigration minister to revoke the citizenship of dual nationals found to join or support terrorist groups “would make criminals of people based on suspicion and suspicion alone”.

…. “What we are seeing is a sophisticated and coordinated pattern and attack on the Islamic community … to ensure there is no dissent, no examination of our role in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.”

Many speakers and members of the audience spoke of the everyday difficulty of living as a Muslim, particularly for women who wore the hijab. Others were wary of leftwing groups using the issue to discuss a broader social justice agenda. [668 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT] Of course the laws are aimed at Muslims since 99.9% of people who go to join IS are Muslim.

[ANOTHER] “Australian Muslims in trauma over politics of ‘war on terror’, forum hears”

Poor dears. I’m still in trauma after unwisely clicking in a link that showed me a little girl in neat grey stockings, little black shoes with straps like my daughter wears and a pretty dress, who was lying in a gutter without her head after being decapitated.

If Muslims are not 100% behind efforts to stop those of their co-religionists who would love to do the same to us, then this left wing progressive can tell them to head on back to those wonderful Islamic paradises overseas PDQ. Muslims – whimpering about their rights when a minority, murdering, censoring, supressing and destroying when a majority.

[ANOTHER] The Islamic community in Australia has been very slow denounces the slaughtering of Chritians and cold blooded murder of a cartoonist. In fact the leadership is no more than a vacuum.

May I remind these Islamic leaders who are now playing the victim card of the placards at protests in Sydney threatening beheading. There was silence. I did not hear their voice criticizing the cartoons demeaning Christ.

The Australians have had enough. Cease playing the victim and lead your followers to integrate into the Australian community. By the way advocating Sharia law is not a path to integration. Leadership not victimization. [The Guardian] Read more

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