Baroness Warsi warns how British Muslims fear Government ‘Cold War’ against their faith

British Muslims fear the Government is fighting a “Cold War” against their faith which could result in an increase in extremist radicalisation, a former Conservative minister has warned.

Sayeeda Warsi, who was Britain’s most senior Muslim minister until she resigned last year, told The Independent that plans to crack down on so-called non-violent extremism announced earlier this week could be counter-productive and alienate mainstream Muslims from British society.

She warned that the new policy must be “applied consistently across all communities” and include “all forms of extremism” without criminalising thought.

[TOP RATED COMMENT] An Islamic ‘Cold War’ has existed for hundreds of years – Sunni Muslims hate Shia Muslims with a deadly passion. Referring to people as British (or Western) Muslims will do nothing to hide this fact – Islam is not a just and fair religion, blaming others for its failings is not going to correct this.

[2ND] Warsi has got where she is by making use of Western democracy. If you want to see how Muslim women fare when they stick to Muslim rules, go for a walk around Whitechapel and see the cowed women, covered in ridiculous tribal dress, running around obediently after their male masters. Judging by your name, I suppose you approve of that.

[3RD] Excuse me? Which other religions are threatening other than Islam? Happy clappy kind forgiving Christians? Industrious hard working family focused Jews? Peaceful gentle Sikhs? I could go on. Look inwards Ma’am, your religion is based on envy, repression, fear and is exceptionally selfish and self serving. Convert, give up or leave our country.

[4TH] Islam is a kind of mental illness, we can see clearly what it results in from the current state of play in the Middle East. Those who like it should sod off there and enjoy.

[5TH] …. As Islam is a militant faith, Muslims will have to get used to being dealt with accordingly if they live in our country (too many unfortunately). Muslim Extremists should be deported without hesitation, regardless of what pseudo EU human rights may apply in their case.

Other communities present in the UK represent no threat whatsoever as compared to the Muslim community: the latter need to start contemplating some serious reforms of their totally outdated, almost abnormal way of thinking before the very concept of mutual respect has a chance of being applied. Maybe in 300 years or so? [The Independent] Read more

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