Islamists jailed for chopping of teacher’s hand ‘because exam paper insulted Prophet Mohamed’

A group of Islamists who cut off a teacher’s hand in revenge for “blasphemy” against the Prophet Mohamed have been jailed in India.

The 13 men, all members of radical group the Popular Front of India, were handed sentences of between three and eight years at a National Investigative Agency court, NDTV reported.

They had been found guilty of involvement in the attack on TJ Joseph, a professor at Newman College in the town of Thodupuzha, Kerala.

He was on his way home from a Catholic church service in July 2010 with his mother and sister when their car was stopped.

[TOP RATED COMMENT] Islam – the brainwashing which produces the finest fruitcakes.

[ANOTHER] People should be free to criticise Mohammed.
After all he was a disgusting paedophile who married a 7 year old child named Ayesha!

[ANOTHER] The religion of peace strikes again.

[ANOTHER] A war mongering sex offender / paedophile, that’s Mohammed. [The Independent] Read more

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