Lutfur Rahman: the election scandal made worse by the authorities

…. Judge Richard Mawrey found Mr Rahman and his supporters had committed a litany of abuses. They were guilty of vote-rigging, seeking to influence the result through imams, wrongly branding rivals as “racist” and allocating local grants in order to buy votes. Mr Mawrey said that while this corruption was not “the consequence of the racial and religious mix of the population”, it is true that Mr Rahman and his supporters played the “race and Islamophobia card”.

The case against Mr Rahman was brought by four brave citizens who were praised by the judge. They had to go it alone because the Metropolitan Police Service had previously chosen not take legal action, citing an absence of evidence.

This was strange. After all, the Crown Prosecution Service felt that it had plenty of reason to chase down journalists for doing their job. And an average of one person a week is jailed because they fail to pay their television licence fee. Nevertheless, Mr Rahman and his supporters were able to operate for so long without the authorities seeing, hearing or speaking about actions that locals and the national press worked hard to expose. Why? Yet again, the system’s priorities appear to be terribly mistaken. [1158 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 102 votes] We import millions of people from cultures that are much more corrupt than ours and our country becomes more corrupt.

Who could possibly have predicted that?

[2ND 79] Andrew Gilligan, Peter Gold and the three other people who dared to stand firm are incredibly brave. I dread to think what they’ve been put through.

The state functionaries were quite happy to stand back and see four people risk their personal and financial safety, doing the job that these useless seat polishers were too chicken to carry out.

They absolutely disgust me.

[3RD 71] The reason the Met didn’t investigate this man is the same reason that 1,200 girls were raped with impugnity in Rotherham.

Fear of being accused of racism.

It is about time that falsely accusing someone of racism became a crime.

[4TH 55] And of course the accusations of “racism” and “Islamophobia” rang out loud and clear on the BBC’s “World at One” today when a member of Rahman’s “cabinet” was interviewed about this High Court ruling.

This is just the biggest and latest political scandal over corrupt election and voting procedures all of which have involved a single immigrant community. It’s must be so comforting to all those advocates of multiculturalism to know the UK has now been been enriched by the exotic – ie: corrupt – political practices of the Third World.

[5TH 47] I hate to say this, but with the possible exception of terror offences which threaten property and the ruling elite potentially, Muslims are beyond the law it seems to me. Rotherham, Tower Hamlets, Manchester, Rochdale

and so many more and the ones we have yet to hear about Now that Rahman and his gang have been exposed, will the police start prosecuting this corrupt mafia and its enablers? [The Telegraph] Read more

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