Lutfur Rahman played the Islamophobia card to silence his critics. And too many on the left fell for it

Lutfur Rahman was “more Labour than many in Labour”. He was a “democratic success story” whose opponents were engaged in an “Islamophobic campaign of lies”.

I challenge you to come up with a selection of sillier statements about the soon-to-be-former-Mayor of Tower Hamlets.

An election court today found that Rahman had “driven a coach and horses” through local authority law and “engaged in corrupt and illegal practices” to win elections. According to the Court, which ruled on a case brought against the Mayor for ballot-rigging, intimidation and racism in the electoral campaign of 2014, rather than being a “democratic success story”, Rahman trashed the electoral process in a “ruthless and dishonest manner”. To make matters worse the Mayor silenced critics using spurious accusations of Islamophobia and racism.

Those of us who have lived in Lutfur Rahman’s Tower Hamlets in recent years had a fair idea that something wasn’t right. An atmosphere of menace and intimidation prevailed at council meetings and a cult of personality was thrown up around Rahman himself, with posters carrying the Mayor’s face (and little else) increasingly ubiquitous in the borough. Extremist preachers were invited to speak in council chambers and council grants were directed away from secular organisations in favour of groups which mainly served the Bangladeshi and Muslim communities.

[TOP RATED COMMENT 29 votes] The left supposedly support equality of the sexes, support gay rights, support peaceful dialogue and resolution of disputes, tolerance of different religions and despise the concentration of power in the hands of nepotistic, corrupt, kelptocratic elite.

However across the globe if you carry a Koran they will put all this to one side and champion your cause.

Its insane

[2ND 26] The lie of ‘Islamophobia’ is being used to ‘groom’ the British people so that they can be exploited. It’s the political version of the Rochdale grooming system. Once it gets a grip, resisting Islam’s supremacist agenda becomes increasingly more difficult.

Lutfur Rahman used this lie to leverage power and influence.

[3RD 22] What I find most distressing about this whole affair is it had to come from a civil action taken out by 4 voters (Who should all receive honours for services to their country).

What are the Police and Crown Prosecution Service for exactly?

Postal votes from fake addresses constitutes electoral fraud. Electoral fraud is a criminal act!

When a UKIP candidate hands out sausage rolls to children at an event in Southampton, the Police have no hesitation in dragging him down to the yard but rigging an election is fine?!? [The Independent] Read more

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