Why is Isis a wake-up call to Muslim women?

…. the 62-year-old African-American professor, the daughter of a Methodist minister, is one of Islam’s leading feminists. Ten years ago, she faced down a bomb threat in New York when she led Friday prayers to a mixed congregation of men and women – something many religious scholars argued was forbidden in Islam. Three years later, she defied protests from local groups to do the same in London. Not content with taking on the mosques, now she has her sights set on revolutionising sharia councils and the laws that underpin them. [364 Comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 102 votes] Religion; Holding back humanity since the day man invented it.

[2ND 93] I have never been able to understand why women, the sex that bears our children, that often ensure there is food on the table and that the children are washed and dressed each day, are treated as though they are in some way inferior to the male. Are men so insecure, so frightened that they will be shown up that they can justify denying women an equal place?

Who is this Mohamed that he can make the likes of Jehadi John a good man for killing people who do not agree with Islam. Who can justify the female genital mutilation, to take away from women something God bestowed upon them? Islam and its Sharia law have no place in today’s world. All religions should be stripped of their charitable status and all organizations that discriminate against women should be outlawed.

[3RD 76] This newspaper’s bizarre love affair with a religion that, as practised, is utterly antithetical to everything it once stood for goes on.

[4TH 75] I dont understand why when men say women should cover themselves in case they inflame the desires of men ..that they don’t realise what they are saying is… men cannot control themselves, cannot control their own basic instincts and desires.

If men cannot control such basic instincts surly they should never be given control of anything important? Put your penises away, stop willy waggling and do something useful.

[5TH 72] “Good. I am glad someone is taking a stand against this wahabist nonsense. Isis makes me hate Islam. I am sure Isis couldn’t give a monkeys that people are beginning to loathe Islam, but it should care.”

It probably wants us to hate Islam. Then all Muslims are faced with a choice, the kuffar who hate them, or ISIS.

[6TH 52] Alas this is an extreme minority view in Islam: Ayan Hirsi Ali’s books are far better guides to the reality of the sacred text and its infallible truths. Wishful thinking by an ex Methodist in an Arab culture of the 7th Century. Why does she adopt this Arab dress code, if she is such a radical? [The Guardian] Read more

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