ISIS Is the Mirror That Reflects Our Dark Side

…. ISIS is a savage group who should be eliminated. But it is also just another embodiment of how ugly the world has always been. It is a modern representation of the many genocides and atrocities mankind has committed throughout history. It’s just that previously, there was no YouTube or Facebook to document it.

ISIS is the mirror that reflects our dark side.

So yes, let’s purge these savages. And then let’s go about our lives thinking that we did enough. Only thing is — down the line, another group of lunatics will emerge and dominate our 24-hour news cycle.

Because we never got down to the source of evil. We just broke the mirror.

[TOP RATED COMMENT] More denial about the connection of the Islamic State to Islam. More facile comparisons of ISIS with others who are tiny in numbers and not supported by a worldwide network.

The inconvenient truth for Muslims today is that the Islamic State is creating more discussion and discovery by billions of non-Mulsims of the full extent of Islamic doctrine and its history. These involuntary students are reaching their own conclusions – and it is not generally favourable.

It is reasonable and natural for innocent secular and non-Muslim religious people around the world to seek clarification of the intentions of people reading from the same book that is fomenting such a wide range of violent behaviour.

The emnity for 1,400 years and killing between the two principal sects within Islam even amongst themselves, let alone others, reveals that there is no “over-reaction” in the rest of the world – it is a delayed reaction. Two very different things. This new urgent discussion and concern is overdue. [The Huffington Post] Read more

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