Islam ‘invites people to violence’ Queen’s chaplain Reverend Gavin Ashenden claims

The Koran has “over 100 verses inviting people to violence” which Christianity “doesn’t have,” one of the Queen’s chaplains has claimed.

Reverend Canon Gavin Ashenden, one of the Queen’s 35 chaplains, made his comments on Iain Dale’s LBC radio show.

He claimed that the passages in the Koran “tell you to kill your enemies” and to “strike of the heads” of “those who disbelieve,” the Daily Mail reports.

Reverend Ashenden was speaking in response to the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby’s comments made on Wednesday concerning religious extremism.

The Archbishop claimed that young people are turning to Jihad because mainstream religions and the alternative to extremism is not “exciting” enough, and that religious communities must do more to provide “purpose” in life for them.

[TOP RATED COMMENT] The man is speaking the truth. That doesn’t cut the mustard in the UK, but it is the truth. If everyone would dump the mask of PC idiocy and face it, the West might just get a reprieve from the destruction of its culture.

[ANOTHER] Thank you, Canon Ashenden.

Would it be too much to expect senior Muslim religious leaders to confirm or deny this?

[ANOTHER] At last, the truth is being aired.

[ANOTHER] I see he is one of those few people who has actually READ the Quran. Good man. [The Independent] Read more

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