Farage’s Muslim ‘fifth column’ remarks must not go unchallenged

…. While Farage’s comments on race are rightly being challenged by our political leaders, there seems to be less of an outcry over remarks that Muslims represent a “fifth column” in this country. He has said there is “an increasing level of concern because people do see a fifth column living within our country, who hate us and want to kill us”.

Yet most Muslims in this country are second and third generation, like me, and proudly identify themselves as British. Contrary to the Islamophobia picture painted by Ukip and its members, British Muslims have come out in droves condemning the violence misguidedly carried out in our name, and are working hard to build bridges with fellow Britons.

[TOP RATED COMMENT 245 votes] 27% of British Muslims sympathise with the motives of the Charlie Hebdo killers, and 40% of British Muslims support the barbaric and thoroughly inhumane Sharia law.

Nigel Farage is absolutely correct to call out a “fifth column” of people living within the UK who desire the destruction of democracy, the subjugation of infidels and the forceful imposition of Sharia law. This is only a statement of fact.

[2ND 186] “Ukip do not represent British values”.

Neither does Islam – or any organised religion.

This is simply part of a wider push by self-interest groups (like the Muslim Council) to elevate a belief system – a set of ideas that you choose to follow – to the same level as race/gender/disability/sexuality – which are set.

Islam (or any other religion) as a political/social force has nothing to offer this country – religious people should be free to practice how/where they want in the private sphere – in the public sphere their bleating for special privileges should be ignored as any other.

And the Race and Religious Hatred Act should never have included religion – but messiah Blair and his cronies needed the bloc vote offered by the sheeple.

[3RD 164] Like him or not he has a point. As one of the other posters has mentioned there have been surveys of Muslims in this country and a sizeable percentage have espoused some form of support for the islamist nutters. It’s this that should really be discussed and challenged.

[4TH 155] Sorry Guardian, but outside Guardian HQ, lots of people do see a ‘fifth column’ of a very small minority of muslims who do want to kill us.

Last year in Cardiff, I witnessed people openly waving the black and white IS flag, in full view of protestors (protesting about Palestine perfectly legitimately) and policemen.

It is a tiny minority, but it is an issue nonetheless, and the’liberal’ (and I use the term loosely, as many are not liberal at all) wish to bury ones head in the sand isn’t working. [Guardian Cif] Read more

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