Charlie Hebdo given ‘Islamophobe of the Year’ award

Charlie Hebdo has been given an international award for ‘Islamophobia’, two months after 12 members of staff were shot dead in a terror attack.

The awards, which were devised by The Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC), took place at a ceremony on Saturday and saw the gong go to the French satirical magazine for ‘the world’s most Islamophobic person or publication’ in 2015.

It beat Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, US president Barack Obama and American television host Bill Maher to the title.

[TOP RATED COMMENT] The oxymoronic Islamic Human Rights Commission enjoys various privileges as a UK registered charity, including (if only via Gift Aid) taxpayer subsidies.

Islam is a stranger to human rights, and most Islamic states have repudiated the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in favour of the Iran-sponsored Cairo Declaration of 1990, which basically says shariah law trumps everything.

Now that they are giving “awards” to victims of mass murderers the Charity Commission should urgently review their status.

And someone should have a word with Rowan Williams about why on earth he was attending this event, lending it spurious and undeserved credibility. [The Independent] Read more

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