If Britons want to join Isis, let them go

One of the more acute contributions to the soul-searching about the disappearance of three London schoolgirls came from the former foreign secretary, William Hague. Asked on a weekend television talk show why the girls had not been monitored and prevented from leaving, he remarked that questions about state surveillance usually came with the implication that there was far too much; in this case, the implication was that there had been too little.

…. Yet how far should the state restrict individuals’ travel because the authorities disapprove of the traveller’s purpose? One definition of a free country is the right to leave it. Is possessing an air ticket to Turkey to become a suspect activity in itself? If so, you can be sure that other, more convoluted, routes will rapidly be found. To those Britons wanting to join Isis, I would say: let them go. This is more a family matter than a cause for national breast-beating, and I see no reason why police officers have to be sent, at great expense, in an effort to rescue these girls from themselves. [2,753 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 572 votes] Let them [leave] and then revoke their citizenship. Do not let them back in.

[2ND 514] They won’t be stateless, they will be citizens of the Islamic State.

[3RD 454] …. we should make no efforts or expense whatsoever to ‘save’, ‘rescue’, ‘retrieve’ or ‘hall’ these wannabe murderers and terrorists (and this includes their wannabe ‘brides’).

In the unfortunate event that they do manage to return alive to this country, they should promptly be returned to the country(ies) from when they returned to face local justice.

[4TH 378 ] At last! Some actual common sense on this matter. I thought I was going quite mad.

These young women had passports and money and were free to leave the country as they see fit – it is a Western democracy after all.

They are not children. Their actions may be unwise and they will probably regret them but that is not a matter to concern the Prime Minister the Press or the Police.

[5TH 358] Absolutely right. If they want to be part of it, let them go. Who cares?

It was interesting that the parents of one of the girls criticised the intelligence services for NOT monitoring her social media activity close enough. You really can’t win can you

[6TH 346] Hell yes! They’ve made their choice, let them go. Oh, and please don’t let them back. [Guardian Cif] Read more

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