UKIP: ban non-stun slaughtering in abattoirs

Slaughtering animals in abattoirs without stunning them first should be banned, the UK Independence Party has said.

…. The move had been advocated by animal rights groups including the RSPCA and the British Veterinary Association.

It was announced as MPs in the House of Commons debated whether CCTV cameras should be installed in all abattoirs to cut down on instances of cruelty.

[TOP RATED COMMENT] Well done UKIP you are assured my vote in May UKip the party of reason and the only party with some sanity

[ANOTHER] Well done UKIP!

As a consumer, I want to know that the meat I purchase has been slaughtered as humanely as possible. Living in North Yorkshire, I’m horrified that I might have been consuming meat that had been barbarically slaughtered at Bowood’s in Thirsk.

At the very least, I want to see all meat labelled with the method of slaughter.

[ANOTHER] Common sense policy so astonishing it makes headlines. How low we have fallen.

[ANOTHER] You live in the country, you follow the rules of that country …. The Saudis expect it – as recently witnessed with the outcry over Michelle Obama not wearing a head covering of some sort.

It seems to work the opposite way here. We have to change, accept and not question barbaric, backwards practices to suit those who have chosen to come to this country.

Nope – just shouldn’t work like that. Sorry.

Frankly, I’d go further – ban the import of meat where animals have been subjected to cruel slaughter. [The Independent] Read more

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