Halal slaughter: Outcry after undercover film exposes brutality of industry

Ministers are under pressure to respond to growing public discontent about religious slaughter after an undercover investigation exposed the horrific mistreatment of animals at a halal abattoir.

Secretly filmed footage which appears to show abattoir workers repeatedly hacking at sheep’s throats, hurling them into solid structures and kicking them in the face has intensified demands for a complete ban on the religious slaughter of animals without stunning them first.

[TOP RATED COMMENT] Denmark has just banned these practices, encouragingly the Jewish community in Denmark were not greatly opposed, warning their co-religionists that the ban was supported by a majority of the Danish people.

The Danish government obviously has higher moral and ethical standards than their English counterparts. It would be a real slap in the face for Cameron if the SNP came out in favour of a ban.

[ANOTHER] Why does any country put up with this nonsense? Halal and Kosher killing rituals have no more place in a modern society than circumcision and FGM. Justification of any on cultural or religious grounds is unacceptable and endorses abuse.

[ANOTHER] Creeping Islamification. Nothing will be done out of a toxic mixture of political correctness, fear of being called racist names, and fear of violence from a group that our political leaders tell us are as peace-loving as Jain monks.

[ANOTHER] You’re dealing with a religion that tolerates no other point of view, that thinks it OK to beat children and women, that thinks that a woman’s word is worth half that of a man and you’re surprised they mistreat animals!? Islam is not a religion of peace. [The Independent] Read more

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